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25 Stars This was a mostly fun omp of a contemporary omance with a single dose of paranormal in itI eally liked the way it started outrageously funny as well as Sally s elationship with her friends during her hen s partyfirst time I had ever heard this expression lolThe ghost that decides to crash Sally s life was insane and sufficiently obnoxious at times for Sally to order an exorcismI am kiddingkind ofRed is loud and than eady to disturb Sally s well ordered life When to that one ads a sexy stripper who is also a great guy honestly could the guy be perfect voil one ecipe for disaster coming ight upWhat I didn t like I didn t like all the name calling directed at women per se Once in awhile when talking about infidelity it would be only the women who would get an adjective attached to their names if you know what I meanI eally disliked that because it takes two to tango And bitchy bimbos who can t keep their hands off other women s husbandsI also disliked that after a great funny start the story started to sound crazier and crazier by the turn of the page Bridget Jones type of crazy you knowA little overboard for meThe way Sally ends up figuring something yes I am trying to be as vague as possible with Red s help was soconvoluted yes I know that one of these characters is a ghost but even so and convenient that it just became lameAlso it is important to mention again the way Ty the stripper is characterizedbasically like all that is good and wonderful which is great but after awhilec mon EnoughHe s a stripper because he s trying to make money to enter Medical schoolHe takes care of his brother who has a learning disabilityBoth his parents have diedHe volunteers for community serviceHe falls in love I guess with Sally almost immediately becausebecauseSo basically he s like a cute handsome guy with a six pack puppy Who could esist himAlso if you e a fan of Ghost Whisperer you ll be happy to know that after awhile the story does take the format of an episode with Melissa Sally trying to contact Red s family s so that she can gowherever it is that she has toDisclaimer I actually started this eview as a three star ating Basically a case of book I think you ll be better of with someone else This is a uirky omance with a ghost and a stripper and nothing is uite what it seemsSally is on her hens party weekend with three friends all married She is a week awa. Mixing omance humour and a sparkle of magic Juliet Madison is back with a new full–length novel about a bride–to–be a mystery and the stripper next door When bride–to–be Sally Marsh attends a weekend away with her bridesmaids the last thing she expects is an uninvited guest the ghost of her fiancé's

Y from saying I do to Greg who we are told is off with his mates for a matching bachelor party weekend that will probably involve golf I hate him alreadyThe only fly in the ointment is the vivacious ed head hanging around Literally The ghostly Red ides on Sally s shopping trolley and generally does a whole heap of things that put Sally into a idiculous and or embarrassing position What would a hen s weekend be like without a stripper and Ty is a good one Suitable built and with better moves than the ghost Yup Red is there tooTy turns out to be much than a stripper and very likeable Which might be just as well when Red eveals allThis is a story that is a omance but also a chick lit friends story and a touch of light paranoiaI mean paranormal This probably fits better in the Romagic Comedy sub genre ather than with all the vampires and werewolves and suchlikeOverall this was an enjoyable ead I ve noticed before this author can get a little preachy In this case the topic was disability and it was almost painfully politically correct But a minor point The omance was sweet the mystery was solved and all came to a satisfactory conclusion I always look forward to a new Juliet Madison novel I know that I m assured of a fun ead that will also have moments that touch my soul Her latest novel Haunted Ever After is no exception I ead the entire book in one setting and loved the mix of magical ealism the ghost of Red sexy stripper with a heart Ty and a plot that combined the fun crazy spiritual and sweetIf I ve lost you at ghost please come back One of the things I love most about Juliet Madison s stories is that the setting characters and actions are all completely plausible and then a twist that s just a little bit out there working magic into everyday life It makes me think but what ifghosts were eal and the types of ways they could affect our lies I m not much of a fantasysci fi eader but these types of stories let me indulge my spiritual side Plus if you bypass this book because of a ghost Red s going to come to haunt you She s not a vengeful ghost but she wants Sally to listen to what she has to say before time uns outThe book starts off as Sally s organising her hen s weekend please don t tell my engaged friends that hen s daysnights are now weekendsI don t think my liver and brain could take it The girls meet at a house in a distant town and get eady to X–girlfriendRed is uirky loud and distracting and Sally is soon desperate to find the eason behind her presence so she can id herself of her embarrassing shadow before the wedding day Unfortunately the ghost is eluctant to share the eason for her existence but very enthusiastic about Ty the surprise hen's

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Arty Although Sally doesn t want to admit it she s got a problem Recently a ghost with ed hair turned up and wants to talk to her Sally s a no nonsense nurse so of course she doesn t believe in this it s time for a neurology appointment and a MRI But after unning over the stripper s foot in the supermarket and Red the ghost trying to get her attention Sally gives in What Red has to tell her could affect her entire future But Red also wants something in eturn could throwing Ty the stripper who is a genuinely caring guy and Sally this way cause sparks to flyThe story moves at a swift pace but never to the detriment of the characters or their growth There s always plenty of time for humour Red grinding up against Ty as he strips invisible to everyone but Sally is a laugh out loud moment and there are some very touching moments towards the end which goes to show that you eally shouldn t be afraid of ghosts they can provide eassurance than breathing people sometimes Sally starts off as slightly brusue believing she s finally got her life in order but as the story unfolds we ealise that she s just as unsure as anyone else and she has a soft caring side Tywell Ty was fantastic He completely smashes the stereotype that strippers are all brawn and no heart the guy is clever caring and willing to take a isk or two even if it does involve a ghostI thought Haunted Ever After was fantastic it combines laughter with friendship and omance with the added touch of a lively ghostThank you to Escape Publishing for the eARChttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom A fun out loud laughing from the typical humor of Juliet Madison that I have become to love and look forward to eading Sally the bride to be has a weekend girls get away when an unplanned guest arrives Red the ghost of her fiance s ex girlfriend to help lead Sally in the ight direction of her life Red was not very well accepted by Sally but in the end before time an out they helped each other Sally states she was able to show me things in my life I d been blind to made me ealize the mistake that I was about to make Loved the character Ty male stripper but so much and such an asset to Sally when she needs a friend and I eceived this book from Net Galley from an honest eview A very fun enjoyable ead that had me dying with laughter in places and feeling a little teary in others I would highly ecommend this book to anyone. Ight stripper who keeps showing up at awkward moments Time is unning out for Sally but it's also unning out for Red By the time all is evealed Sally will be tested to the limits and go above and beyond everything she's ever believed in order to ensure not only her own happy–ever–after – but Red's as well.

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