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As he been this way and what is his relationship with Jaden s ex all about I got nothing there as well Calvin is as bitter as Jaden is but why And their parents ARGHH The whole thing reminded me of Spike Lee s Jungle Fever Calvin as Gator Let s move to Thea Denise s younger BAP sister She s stuck up and pretty much makes Denise life miserable Not much of a character but enough presence for you to hate her As much as I am criticizing this book for all its half filled cups of plot I can t say that I didn t enjoy it Because I did finish reading it There were a few saves the chemistry between Jaden and Denise the Sorors and the wedding Bottom line Heir relationship heats up she realizes her days with Jaden may be numbered It's only a matter of time before shameful secrets a hushed up family scandal and her personal demons are reveale.

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BOOKS Gamble on Love Author Michelle Monkou – freewebdesing.com

Lacking some clarity but ok for a uickie This is the second bk in the Ladies of Distinction series Readers of this series will enjoy reading on how Denise who comes across as a spoiled brat learned to extend her heart to a very caring man and face the two main demons that have been haunting her life a family secret and a bad habitJaden Bond is a very private person with a couple of demons of his own but while Denise is than a handful he is as attracted to her as she is too him but he would like to take a little control of the relationship But uiet patience will win out This book was a mystery to me I liked the book eventhough I may not have Demanding Denise Dixon is everything self made millionaire Jaden Bond has come to hate in a womanThe Black American Princess is spoiled rotten But with the looks to rival a genuine beauty

Nderstood it The book was all over the place don t think I ever caught on to what it was really about The heroine Denise has issues with her family that cause her to have a gamblimg problem But she only gambles twice in the book once online and the other at a fundraiser Then there is Jaden a self made bitter ass man There are several mentions of a bad relationship but no details about why the relationship soured and what happened while reading the book I was waiting for all of these things to connect and make sense for me Never happened And then there is Calvin and Thea Calvin is Jaden s younger alcoholic brother Why is he an alcohlic How long Een and a sassy attitude to back them up Denise is a blowtorch to Jaden's cold hearted cynicism and his legendary self controlDenise nows she has met her match in the sexy Mr Bond But as

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