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Aboard a steam ship and then aboard a hot air balloon and convinces Alverstoke that it s an amazing treat for Alverstoke to visit a foundry that uses steam technologyCharis whose angelic beauty makes Frederica think that all she needs is a season in London to land a good husbandThe whole plot is essentiallyFrederica and Alverstoke have flirty conversations and are interrupted byJessamyJessamy I have done this TERRIBLE AWFUL THING I will pay ou back when The American Founding you tell me how much money it costouAlverstoke It is not that terribleJessamy It is the most terrible awful thing that has ever been done Also for real Tell me how much money I owe The Futa Country Sudser youAlverstoke It is not that bad And stop talking about moneyFelixFelix You want to take me to see machinesAlverstoke How about my secretary takesouFelix But it is a TREAT FOR YOUAlverstoke Ugh FineFelix 3CharisCharis I am participating in Romeo and Juliet with a guy who is also my pseudo cousin but it is SECRET AND NO ONE KNOWSAlverstoke You are so boring It s a pity Ellas First Exam (Ellas Exams Book 1) you re so beautifulCharis I am in loooooove And it is tragggic Alverstoke is trying to deny our looooooveFrederica Everyone knows Charis stfu and marry someone who can supportou not our penniless pseudo cousin okCharis You are trying to deny our looooove You are evil No Ellas Second Exam you aren t Butou re trying to break us apartFrederica facepalmIf that has not convinced Playing Sinatra you then let me remindou WHACKY FAMILY SHENANIGANS nuff said Georgette Heyer s Frederica is an entertaining and charming read So I give away my secret sometimes I just need a silly and tender romance to forget about the hard realities of life It could have been a thrilling science fiction as well But now back to the classics The Maruis of Alverstoke is bored He s especially bored with family and friends who try to get him to do things he doesn t want to do like say put on a massive ball to launch his nieces in society So when a distant not wealthy relative Frederica Merriville shows up introduces herself and asks him to help introduce her beautiful ounger sister into London society he s really not inclined to help But then Frederica s oung brothers show up and 13 Zero (The Orbit Series year old Felix uizzes the Maruis on the latest fascinating technology like loco Frederica is an old maid She s been on the shelf forears and at this point in her life is mainly concerned with making sure her much lovelier Women, Creativity, And The Arts younger sister finds the right man She has no such ambitions for herself as she knows her eligibility has long since come and gone But she s fine with her lot in life She s been mistress of her household for uite a while and is uite used to holding the reins and looking after herounger sister and two Captive younger brothers as only a devoted mother could Frederica is destined for a life full of family but a life that is essentially devoid of any romantic love Our poor heroine may be a stolid capped matron but she remains spry and uick witted despite her advancedears Frederica is 24 ears oldVernon is the Maruis of Alverstoke He s been an eligible bachelor for well over a decade and would prefer to go to his grave as such Far from a loving sibling he has a vague affection for one sister thinks nothing at all about a second and is actively indifferent towards a third They all know him to be a selfish rake and lover of married ladies easily cast aside when bored Boredom is perhaps the chief cross that the Maruis bears If someone begins to bore him it s over If he suspects someone could bore him it won t even begin Boring people also include individuals like debutantes commoners his boring heir and all of his boring nieces and nephews most whose names he s never bothered to learn Vernon is the hero of the novelGeorgette Heyer wrote a book that I knew would be a delicious treat within pages Every sentence elegantly in place the comedy both subtle and broad the characters charming or outrageous or sometimes both This is a master of the form writing in a relaxed style always making sure period detail is front and center without overwhelming the plot always making certain her story s various parts are kept carefully moving along while not feeling rushed It is like she wrote this smiling I certainly smiled times than I can count Frederica herself reminded me of another of her heroines the fabulous Venetia although she is certainly her own uniue individual She has a certain attractive gravity that is unlike Venetia s effervescence Lord Alverstoke reminded me of another of her heroes the Duke of Avon although he is also his own uniue individual His apathy and especially his uick ability to be utterly bored by boring people charmed me perhaps because that latter trait reminded me of myself There were many times I sat back amused that this was actually the novel s central characterThis was all set to be a happy 4 star book until the accident and the farm and the showing of true hidden colors by Lord Alverstoke Hidden from himself as well That seuence was incredibly moving and deepened the novel in a way that I did not expect Maybe a couple manly tears were even shed And then the story moved back into light fizzy comedy and did not suffer for it The richness of the book is admirable Voil 5 stars 45Well here s one for the books For the books I kill meThis beloved GH classic previously a 5 for me is the first GH where I m revising my rating downwards since joining GRI ll get my reasons out of the way before I go on to the book s many positivesview spoiler I get that Alverstoke disliked his sister Louisa wasn t crazy about the parasitic Lucretia But his method of punishing them was to be cruel to their daughters Yes Jane is unlikeable but she is only a child Alverstoke has only the vaguest recollection of Lucretia s daughter Chloe Alverstoke s revengeinviting the beautiful Charis to the ball so she can outshine the other girls involves being cruel to two children This is unworthy of him Alverstoke s reaction to the Merriville s or Merivalethis edition has Frederica s family name spelt both ways aunt leaving her charges to support her sister whose husband is dying It may be Alverstoke s reaction but it is clearly also GH s that the aunt has made an unfair decisionBizarre to my 21st century eyes hide spoiler Another great romance by Heyer Frederica is smart loyal a wonderful sister to her ounger sister and two ounger brothers and of course very pretty although she doesn t give a fig about that She has come to London to launch her teenage sister on to the marriage market Charis is so stunningly beautiful and good natured that Frederica hopes to make a splendid match for her Of coursenothing goes as plannedmostly because of her adventurous little brother Felix a wonderful creation who is interested in new fangled machinery and in his exuberance creates a ton of misadventures and mix ups for Frederica and their new found cousin Lord Alverstoke who has kindly agreed to launch Charis with a debutante ball from his estate Alverstoke is not doing it out of charity he hopes to one up his sister s plain daughter his niece which is cruel Our heroine and her 2 delightful and plain spoken brothers and their dog a faithful but reckless mutt combine to teach their snobby cousin how life ought to be lived in a warm loving family s embrace This is one of my favorite Georgette Heyer books I read it easily once a ear I m afraid I m going to gush all over this review but I ll do my best to keep this coherentThe winning feature of this book is the Merriville family particularly as they enmesh themselves into the carefully ordered life of Lord Alverstoke In stark contrast to his sisters who value him mainly for his vast wealth he finds himself captivated by these mere connections as they seem actually interested in him Indeed one of the recurring events is when one or another of the Merrivilles try to pay him back for something he has done for them a novel experience for the MaruisOf the Merrivilles Felix is the most engaging His various London exploits are a charming background for most of the novel But Bullfrog Grows Up you end up liking Jessamy as well for all he isn t half as charming as hisounger brother You can see how deeply important these two. Hey can possibly handleWith his enterprising and altogether entertaining country cousins getting into one scrape after another right on his doorstep before he knows it the cold Maruis finds himself dangerously embroiled and plunged into one drama after another by the large and irrepressible Merriville family Alverstoke is surprised to find himself far from bored He is amazed to find herself unknowingly finds himself thoroughly beguiled by his distand cousins and most intriguing of all their strongminded sister Frederica who seems concerned with her family's welfare than his own distinguished attentions And when his ounger cousin ends up in a terrible accident the dutiful Maruis becomes as chivalrous as ever to the those in his charge And Frederica begins to imagine the Maruis as match for hersel.

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N t tear himself away and goes on having a lengthy conversation with Frederica and then I kid ou not they are interrupted by Felix Jessamy and Charis and he just sits there and chats with every body and finds that he likes them all and as soon as he sees Charis he goes I m going to give THE BALL after all and it s like Ooooh Meeting the Living God yeah shit s about to get realBut before The Ball there is this hilarious episode about Frederica bringing their dog Lufra to the Green Park where she didn t know there were cows because the deceitful guide book forgot to mention it and Lufra starts chasing them and creates a crazy mayhem so Frederica blurts out that the dog belong to her cousin the Maruis of Alverstoke and everyone is like O O no way that can t be his dog but they nevertheless all end up on his doorstep before noon and while they are all waiting for his lordship s convenience in the library Heyer feels the need to stop all the action in this very climatic scene to show us exactly how my lord Alverstoke ties his neckcloth I m serious The footman hurries upstairs to Alverstoke s dressing room and the valet lets him in after telling him to stay put and not make a single noise because their master is tying his neckcloth They both watch him completely awe struck as he lets his head fall slowly four or five times in order to achieve beautifulet unobtrusive folds The scene is so completely unnecessary but so awesome at the same time Then when he finally comes downFrederica Ooh heyy there The Red Saka you are I broughtour dog backAlverstoke cleverly goes along with whatever Frederica is doing Well thanks but what the heck happenedRandom people that followed Frederica to make sure the dog was really Alverstoke s It s Walt Disneys Spin and Marty, Trouble at Triple-R your dog for real A Barcelonan hound Frederica Yup and I m never walking it ever againAlverstoke From Barcelona Frederica how canou be so bird witted Baluchistan not Barcelona BaluchistanFrederica can barely restrain her chuckles Oooh that s riiiightRandom hatchet faced lady Is Baluchistan even a placeAlverstoke Sure Let me show Nijinsky And Romola you on the globeHatchet faced lady How on uiz about Frederica For me this book is one of Heyer s best historical romances Frederica is a lovely story Fun heartwarming and plausible It s set primarily in London about 1817 during an era of mechanical advancement pedestrian curricles hot air balloons hydraulic pumps steam engines all woven into the storyA jaded nobleman is beguiled by two thoroughly likable boys and their witty warmhearted and devoted sister Frederica may not be a diamond of the first water but she never bores Lord Alverstoke not even when pondering restorative pork jelly Characterization is top notch Heyer thoroughly endeared her two adolescent boys to me loved their dog Lufra too Even better she masterfully transformed the initially cold cynical and self interested Maruis of Alverstoke into a total luv a man who would sacrifice the world to keep his Frederica from worry Well not the whole world Not uite Note he grows a heart but never becomes a pushover Heyer slowly develops relationships and her style is subtle For example we learn from the POV of a minor character Mr Moreton that Alverstoke is falling in love Then Frederica went towards him Alverstoke holding out her hand and he raised his eyes from Felix s eager countenance and smiled at her causing Mr Moreton to suffer a shock It was not at all the sort of smile with which his lordship beguiled his flirts but something warmer and intimate Good God mentally ejaculated Mr Moreton Sits the wind in that uarter UIBBLE I only wish Heyer had allowed the new lovers time together at the end and a little intimacy but so it goes with Austen and HeyerFORMAT I have read this novel several times over theears Also I listened to narrator Clifford Norgate who has a deep voice with an English accent uite good especially his take on Alverstoke and the boys Another audio version is narrated by Kate Reading which might suit the female roles betterCAST OF CHARACTERS collapsed but NOT a spoiler view spoilerThe orphaned Merrivilles from Graynard Manor in Herefordshire Frederica Merriville acts as de facto mother to her four siblings especially to Jessamy and Felix She is striving to give her beautiful sister Charis a London season Frederica is 24Jessamy Merriville is her 16 Lindsay and the Lifeguards year old brother He undergoes growing pains balancing his boyish love for horses against his austere devotion to the church Jessamy has a large dog Lufra the infamous Baluchistan Hound plays a fun role in several scenesFelix Merrivile her 12ear old brother is crazy about mechanics engineering aeronautics steam engines hot air balloons explosives etcHarry Merriville is enrolled at Oxford Eventually he joins his siblings in London Age unknown maybe 20Charis Merriville is about 17 in London to make her debut because Frederica wants to see her comfortably married Charis would rather stay in the country and sew She is shy kind silly and beautifulThe Merriville s man hating aunt Miss Seraphina Winsham came along to London to serve as chaperone She plays a minor role Alverstoke and acuaintances Vernon the Maruis of Alverstoke is a rich bachelor age 37 the only son pampered from infancy but raised in aloof austerity He is an arbiter of good taste an athlete a whip a prime hand and a generous but uickly bored lover He relies on his secretary Mr Charles Trevor who plays a fairly important role in several scenes Alverstoke has three sisters His oldest sister is Lady Augusta Jevington a commanding arrogant matron nearing 50 She is married to a viscount with adult children Gregory and In chapter one Alverstoke pays a call on his widowed sister Lady Lousia Buxted She is a rich selfish ungrateful tightwad Her disagreeable daughter Jane is coming of age Louisa wants Alverstoke to finance and host Jane s debut ball She also has an adult son the worthy James Lord Buxted Eliza Kentmere Alverstoke likes the The Wedding Ghost youngest of his sisters Lady Elizabeth Kentmere Eliza who lives in the country with her beloved family She plays a role in the second half of the book Mrs Lucretia Dauntry The hypochondriac Mrs Dauntry has a dense but kind and handsome son Endymion Alverstoke s heir and an intelligent good natured daughter Chloe Darcy Moreton Alverstoke s best friend is Mr Darcy Moreton He is attracted to FredericaMrs Parracomb Caroline Parracomb is a married woman with the soul of a courtesan She is Alverstoke s lover when the story begins but he s becoming bored hide spoiler Whoever told me I d love Frederica waits an ominous pauseWAS RIGHT It was so my kind of book competent heroines who don t need the heroes AT ALL but the heroes JUST WANT TO HELPOH GOD When Alverstoke is all Oh my god I don t love her but I want to do everything I can to make her life easier I JUST DON T WANT HER TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING EVER BUT I DON T LOVE HER OKAYI love it so much I was explaining it all to my family and they were alleah And didn t understand how awesome it was that he was so full of ennui and then his fake cousins showed up who wanted to pay him backFrederica is a book about two families One wealthy greedy and bored of EVERYTHING This is Alverstoke s familyThe other family is the Merrivales Frederica s brothers and sisters They aren t penniless but their estate has been mortgaged to the hilt and their eldest brother doesn t show a penchant for managing it well So their oldest sister Frederica has taken charge of everything including her siblingsThe cast is the Maruis of Alverstoke who would spend the whole book like this if he could get away from the Merrivales long enoughFrederica who is as previously noted competent awesome flawed in that occasionally she is SO FED UP with being a middle aged spinster aunt at 24 or 22 I can t rememberJessamy the second son who thinks he wants to join the church and so is REALLY SAD whenever anything bad happens and blames himself Everyone else is like SHUT UP JESSAMY It was not The Value of Optimism your fault And then Jessamy makes a sadCharlie Brown face and declares he s unfit for a life in the church If Jessamy knew about global warming he d think that was his fault tooFelix who is obsessed with steam technology and stows away. Is best to keep his distanceThe Merrivales a family of solid social standing have fallen into unhappy financial straits and the marriage might deliver them from this situation They have come to London for the glittering social season in order to giveoung and beautiful Charis a chance to make a good marriage she may be as hen witted as she is beautiful Frederica herself a gay and witty charmer believes herself happily beyond marriageable age she is twenty four after all They boys are also very differents Jessamy is an interesting boy and Felix an engaging scamp Frederica is saddened when her prime prospect their distant cousin Lord Alverstroke seems totally uninterested But when they are introduced to London society by the Maruis of Alverstoke they find themselves both besieged by suitors than

A man need not be dull merely because he is respectableNo he need not be but he often is I am afraid Heyer was biased in writting Frederica In that she seemed to try to cram as many loveable characters as possible in this one novelThe cast here to me were extraordinary Frederica His Lordship Jessamy and Felix Oh Felix ou adorable little genius thing ou LOLEven minor characters like Mr Trevor or even Mrs Jersey who was on screen no than 5 times they too were intriguing It did appear to be unfair to her other works no I mean after this my expectation will be unusually high whenever I pick up a Heyer book Frederica was a spectacular lady lead sincere while never boring naturally spirited without being over the top compassionate Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, yet extremely practical As close as perfect in Regency setting I thinkOh what I have to mention is that the book was hilarious The banters were witty and realistic especially between Frederica and His Lordship But also with her duo of huggable little brosI am just charmed by them I must have smiled all throughout reading this Ahhh Good Timesi would definitely recommend Frederica for readers who want to pick up their first Georgette Heyer book Warning Beware of spoilers hyperventilation and reader who got way too intense She may not be a beauty like Charis but she s she s Worth a dozen of Charis supplied his lordshipOh My Goodness Where do I even start First of all I just feel it incumbent to say that screw having one favourite Georgette Heyer book because that is simply impossible Every time I finish one of her novels I think that I will never read another one that was just as amazingand I get proved wrong every time I knew I would love Frederica way before I started it Countless Heyer fans kept recommending it to me and telling me it was one of the best and the blurb totally sounded like something I would enjoy Bored cynic becomes un bored by the arrival of country cousins who get into scrapes right on his doorstep Huhes I think so But I had not anticipated that I would find every single page delicious and that the ending would leave me desperately wishing there was a seuel I just love this book SO much It was so clever brilliant touching entertaining and plain good FUNTo sum it up in a nutshellAlverstoke I AM SO BORED Merriville family show upFrederica Merriville Will La Chanson de Jerusalem you please launch Charis and me into society Alverstoke Argh fine Frederica Thankou How much money do I owe Biomedical Informatics youAlverstoke Don t worry about the moneyCharis Merriville Canou please take us all to the mazeAlverstoke Argh fineCharis Thank The Book of the Honda S2000 you thankou Words cannot express how thankful I am HOW can I thank The Story of Rose ONeill youAlverstoke Just don tJessamy Merriville Canou please help me I am in a shocking scrapeAlverstoke Argh fineJessamy Thank Minibeasts Under a Stone you How much money do I oweouAlverstoke Don t worry about the moneyHarry Merriville Thank H灰とダイヤモンド 2 [Haito Diamond 2] you so much for helping out my siblings How much money do I oweouAlverstoke Damn it was it is with The Prince with the Silver Hand (Tale of the Eternal Champion, you all and money and thanksFelix Merriville Canou please pretty pretty please take me to the foundryAlverstoke Argh fineFelix YAY And it will be such a nice treat for Haram Lokma youAlverstoke Damn it I love these people I must say witnessing the downfall of a cynic is an oddly satisfying and pleasant experience There is something so very endearing about a hardened cold and self centered man whose heart slowly gets softened in the most unusual ways by the most unusual family Heyer is famous for her great characterization and in this novel her characters are not just people in a story they became real so real thatou come to know them love them and predict their every move as if The Keys To The House, Tree, And Person you d been acuainted with them forears You feel as though Unjust Deserts you d really met them and not just read about them in a bookThe aforementioned cynic Lord Alverstoke is definitely one of Heyer s best heroes Not only is he fascinating awe inspiring composed and magnificent but he was so well developed and his evolution was so believable that I couldn t get enough of him Redeemed rakes or semi rakes were always my thing and I was left than satisfied with his story Plus he was jaw dropping sexy Let s take a moment to appreciate some mental eye candy That coat of blue superfine was moulded over magnificent shoulders and those clinging pantaloons in no way concealed the swell of muscles in his lordship s powerful thighs which unmistakeably proclaimed the athleteJust So Hot Indulged and pampered his whole life the incredibly selfish Maruis never thinks about anyone but himself and conseuently finds everything and everyone a dead bore His sisters bore him social activities bore him conventions bore him political activities bore him doing anything productive bores him Even his dazzling bits of muslin bore him To do him credit though he is a horse expert a great athlete and is always dressed bang up to the nines without looking like a ridiculously dandified counter coxcombBasically he s a total badass And a really hot one at thatWhat he needs is a distraction A good one Something that will make him want to bestir himself without having it feel like a chore Something fun pleasant and just plain loveable Something likethe Merriville familyPassing off as Alverstoke s cousins the Merrivilles are probably Heyer s most adorable family ever I just need to give them all a hug Felix is the most charming twelveear old with his love and thirst for knowledge of all things machines mechanics steam boats aeronautics and I don t know what besides and his habit of bursting into rooms making demands and looking like an orphan cast penniless upon the world to make sure he gets a positive answer Never would I have imagined loving a kid of his age so much in a book but he was the best Jessamy was also extremely loveable with his indecisive mind torn between preaching and having fun his deep sense of duty and his love of horses He was a great character and had really good scenes Then the beautiful dumb blonde Charis made a really nice foil for Frederica because she was all looks and no brains with a shy too good disposition and a propensity for trying to please everyone all the time And Frederica the elder of the clan is on the other hand only passably good looking but incredibly resourceful brave intelligent witty competent and simply wonderful She always knows what to do and she always has a laugh in her eyes This is no green schoolroom chit who is on the catch for a husband and sulking and getting vapours for the merest trumpery No way Frederica is twenty four and considers herself as an old maid on the shelf without charms or attractions whatsoever She is old cattish I don t recall his name it was so long ago Ah George V. Higgins yes he said sympathetically Beforeou became so old cattish Old cattish She checked herself and then said with a rueful smile Oh dear I suppose that is what I am The point of coming to London is for Charis to make a great match not her Frederica is not on the hunt for a husband She has no thought of marriage at all Only of Pork Jelly And before he fully realizes what is going on it is already way too late and the Maruis is embroiled beyond recoveryFrom their very first meeting Alverstoke finds himself acting against all his usual principles in other words he sits down and listens to Frederica instead of dying of boredomFrederica Oh hello Cousin Alverstoke I didn t actually think Black Brothers, Inc. you would come but thankou so much for coming anyways and please will ou sit down we have a few things to discuss like our relationship with my late father Charis s season our presentation to the ton Alverstoke What kind of female is this First of all what kind of house is thisFrederica It s called shabby genteel No worries though no one will care By the way I don t appear like a managing female rightAlverstoke Are Daddy Daughter Incest 2 Series Bundle you oneFrederica Well I kind of have to beou know the whole family depends on me Anyways will Necromancer System: A Dark Fantasy LitRPG (Book 1) you please help usAlverstoke We re not really connected for realou knowFrederica Okay I get it This Many Miles From Desire you don t want to help I ll manage At these words the Maruis who had had every intention of bringing the interview to a summary end irrationally chose to prolong itAnd there In spite of himself he just ca. Rich and handsome darling of the ton the hope of ambitious mothers and despair of his sisters the Maruis of Alverstoke at seven and thirty sees no reason to put himself out for anyone Until a distant connection ignorant of his selfishness applies to him for help When Frederica Merriville brings her threeounger siblings to London determined to secure a brilliant marriage for her beautiful sister Charis she seeks out their distant cousin the Maruis of Alverstoke Lovely competent and refreshingly straightforward Frederica makes such a strong impression that to his own amazement the Maruis agrees to help launch them all into society Lord Alverstoke can't resist wanting to help her Normally wary of his family which includes two overbearing sisters and innumerable favor seekers Lord Alverstoke does

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The Black MothIn 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932 Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each yearHeyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella MartinHer Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by