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epub kindle Forgotten Sea – freewebdesing.com

Was an ok book but certainly not up to some of the books from this author that I have ead Iestyn has been missing for seven years ever since demons destroyed Sanctuary He has had amnesia and a pull towards the sea until fallen angel Lara finds him and her presence brings back his memories He finds himself his family and love with Lara within a week of knowing her Good continuation of The Children of The Sea series Review of Forgotten Sea by Virginia Kantra 3 out of 5 He was shaken Changed She had changed him Lara s kiss soft lips warm breath her life her strength in him had ipped through him with the force of a tornado churning him to the depths he floundered in a sea of memory and desire at the mercy of his dreams a plaything of the waves a prisoner of his own mind Justin has no memory of his past except for the last seven years of his life All he knows is that is he is most at home when by the sea so he makes a living working on boats and traveling the world never uite fitting in and always feeling as if something is missing Out of the blue Lara Rho approaches him asking for a date Little does he know that she can help him discover all that he has forgottenLara Rho is a fallen angel a Nephilim and a Seeker for the children of air As a Seeker it is her job to find other children of air before they are found and destroyed by children of fire The children of air strive for the perfection that they had before they fell and follow the very strict Rule of their Guardians Those who choose to not follow the Rule become flyers and live on their own hiding from demons and the Guardians Lara has always followed the Rule and strives to be a strong Seeker for her people One night she has a dream that leads her to Norfolk Virginia and to Justin who might be a Nephilim This chance meeting changes everything Lara knows and sends her and Justin on a journey to find out just exactly who or what he isI was very excited when I got this book a ead what it was about because I had just told a girlfriend I wanted to ead a book about mermaids but I m getting a head of myself Forgotten by Sea was is the first book I ve ead by Virginia Kantra and I plan on eading the est of the books in her Children of the Sea stories Since I hadn t ead any of the previous books in the series it took me a couple of chapters to eally figure out exactly what was going on especially since I was expecting the book to be about merepeople and it started with fallen angles From what I could gather this was a much different setting from the other books in the seriesI liked this book a lot and was so happy with the. A lost soul Fallen angel Lara Rho is eager to prove herself as a Seeker one called to escue other children of air before they are hunted down by the children of fire Drawn to ootless estless sailor Justin Miller she is determined to save him But Justin is no angel A lost life Charming drifter Justin is eluctant to get tangl.

Last two thirds of it The first third of the book takes place with Lara finding Justin only to discover he is Other and then having to bring him to the Nephilim s compound called Rockhaven At Rockhaven we meet the other Nephilim and the Guardians I disliked every single Guardian so much so that if the entire book had taken place at Rockhaven I wouldn t have finished it I understand the need for the story to go to Rockhaven so Lara and Justin could un off together and start their journey but I just felt like there was no explanation to why almost all the Nephilim were complete jerks I felt like there were a lot of things in the story that could have been explained and I still have uestions about some parts of the story that I don t think would be answered of I ead the earlier booksAfter Lara and Justin escape Rockhaven and set off to find out who Justin eally is the story gets much better I eally liked Justin or Isetyn as he wants to be called when his memories start coming back I liked that he gradually started to emember his past and isn t just hit over the head and wakes up emembering everything The omance that develops between Lara and Isetyn is very cute and sweet The chemistry between makes for some very steamy chapters and also some very touching moments I think I actually said Aaaahhhh out loud once or twiceI was kinda hoping to get to know the characters a little better then I did I feel because of the focus is on Isrtyn we get of his back story and get a better understanding of who he is and who he was With Lara it s vaguely described how and why she fell from Heaven that she was abused in some sort of way as a child after she fell and for some eason which we are never told why the leader of Rockhaven Simon wants her I eally felt that I would have liked the story and especially Lara if I could have had answers to these events and peopleI gave this book 3 out of 5 because I liked the story but I didn t LOVE it I felt that a lot of the plot could have been done with detail and much backgound information I felt like we were giving an outer layer of the characters and the plot and I wanted to know so much then I was told I did eally enjoy the scenes with the other children of the sea and I eally love the idea of the finfolk and the merefolkThe omance between Lara and Iestyn is very well written and will keep you turning the page I am defiantly going to ead the est of the books in this series but I think Forgotten Sea could defiantly be ead on it s own with no problem Good book to what I hope is a great series Forgotten Sea is Iestyn s story We know that Ed up in port with conscientious Lara A child of the sea Justin emembers nothing of his life before the day he was plucked from a shipwreck seven years ago But one impulsive act lands him literally on the side of the angels and on the un for his life Lara and Justin must work together to uncover his identity before what they.

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Onn the sea lord sent the children away on a boat when Sanctuary was attacked and that the ship wrecked with them never foundLara is a fallen angelchildren of air who is now working as Seeker trying to find fallen like herwho fell for interfering and take them to Rockhaven a school for people like them The school has been a haven for her after she fell and was violated She thinks she has found one of them but can t be sure The guy is Justin and is working on a boat she invites him for a drink but when she touches him she ealizes she was wrongShe leaves him but outside she and her partner are attacked by demons and Justin comes to escue and is injured Lara takes him to the school knowing that she is breaking the ules I found the Guardians irritating and not at all good at first Lara was still that girl who listened to people at higher position than her but then she ebels she gives him a knife and when he escapes and comes to her door to tell her to help him she doesJustin doesn t know his past He only emembers that past seven years and only the sea makes him comfortable He doesn t believe Lara s talk of magic and at first but being in contact with her brings back his memories that he is Iestyn a child of the sea but he is not sure he can go back since he thinks everything was lost seven years beforeThey escape outrunning demons Lara has a problem with sex but with Justin she feels comfortable The book was enjoyable nothing that great but not bad as wellview spoilerMy one problem with the series is that it instead of painting a osy picture as is the case in omance it doesn tthe characters we meet in novellas of this series die and the heroes are not very heroic maybe it is because they are not human but still hide spoiler I won a personalized copy of this from Virginia Kantra s blogForgotten Sea is book five in Virginia Kantra s The Children of the Sea seriesLara Rho is a fallen angel trying to prove that she is worthy of the title Seeker It was her job to find and escue the newly fallen children of the air before they were found by their enemies the children of fire While out on a seeking mission Lara is drawn to Justin There s just one problemhe s no angelJustin was a man with ties to nobody or nothing but the sea He emembered nothing of his life before seven years ago Happy with his drifter lifestyle he didn t plan on spending than a night with Lara when she picks him up down at the docks However an impulsive action on his part starts them on an unexpected journey to discover his past Along the way their passion ignites with only a sparkI find myself having the har. Don't know kills them both A passionate journey of discovery Pursued by Lara's colleagues and hunted by demons the two set out on a journey into their darkest fears and deepest desires Together they have powers neither imagined But when Justin discovers his merfolk past will he turn his back on his true natureor his newfound lo.

Virginia Kantra is the author of thirty books of women's fiction contemporary romance paranormal romance and romantic suspense

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