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This story had potential The heroine kept day dreaming of the hero falling in love with her and her 15 r old daughter was just not a teenager The hero didnt have any proper reason the fall in love with the heroine so it was like lust forbidden attraction What i really liked was the portrayal of the other women In this case the H s fiance 25 Stars I didn t like it the idea for the story was good I mean it has been used before Many times I might add but with the difference of the marriage when they were Circles in the Dust younger and then he leaving her I think if she would have had a little pride it d have been better I mean the guy constantly rejected her and she kept letting him kiss her again and then crying in front of him ifou are going to let a guy stomp on Death in a Serene City your feelings like that at least don t let him know how much it hurts over and over And then when he finally asks her to marry him she tells him no for like a second And it was especially pathetic when she says she can t avoid falling in love with him now that she knows him better I mean come on the guy only hurts her he doesn t do anything to make her fall in love with him And it wasn t just her the fiancee didn t seem to have pride either if a guy lies toou and doesn t tell A Runaway World? you he was married and then he tellsou he kissed his ex wife ou don t just accept itAt least that is my opinion Hmmmm I wonderWas this a Mills Boon I know how MB like to carry out stealth attacks on members of the unsuspecting public when they re not looking usually under the guise of one of their other imprintsI mean honestly where should I start Stacey. A sweet romance about a second chance at loveAs teenagers Gena Taylor and Travis Ryan were forced into a marriage neither wanted the price they paid after one night of passion But what he believed to be a lie forced Travis to walk out of her life shortly thereafter.

DOWNLOAD Ö Forever Again Author Shannon Stacey – freewebdesing.com

S writing portrays a depth and emotion that bring her characters to life so that s good she deserved a second star for that but bad when the main characters are such horrors to beginning with Forget the fact that Travis is an utter jackass forget the fact that Gena is a pathetic rather stunted woman who needs to outgrow her high school fantasies view spoilerand start setting a decent example for her child hide spoiler The story was good but really hated Travis for the way he treated Gena whom he supposedly admits to love till the end i was not convinced he loves Gena from the heart cause through the book he is really concerned I don t believe a hero has pissed me off so much as Travis How was it Gena s fault he was the one who walked out Those poor women I love it because the other woman wasn t caricature evil This would have been a perfect angsty read if there had been a matching grovel Gahhhh Okay I haven t written a review in a looooooooooong while and I haven t rated anything below a 3 in a log while as well But I m doing both for this bookI ve read about this a Facebook group I m in and it got me interested I 1 clicked even after seeing the rating and reading just a couple of reviews I thought this will be something that I ll be in the minority it s not the first timeLo and behold I was wrong I really wanted to like this but it just fell short I felt like had it been longer the characters and story will have the chance to develop because it was like a rushed Hallmark movie It has a lot of potential for angst groveling and development of the H and h s relationship Crushing Gena's dreams of a happily ever after with the boy she lovedNow it’s fifteen ears later and Travis is back Only now Gena owns the inn he's considering for his upcoming wedding Despite their resolve to keep things impersonal the past comes rushing back an.

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NEVER ever give an author 1 star and i m sorry Ms Stacey but this story was AWFUL Travis was an asshole who could not make up his mind he left Gena because he thought she had tricked him into marrying him when in reality she was still pregnant and had only been spotting and then 15 The Literary Conference years later when he came back to get married at the B B that Gena ran he blamed everything on her He couldn t decide if he wanted Gena or Kristen the woman that he was supposed to marry and Gena was just a spineless woman who should have told Travis to go to hell and stay there ARGH I still love Ms Stacey s writing ifou are interested in reading her books DO NOT PICK THIS ONE UP My advice is to read her Kowalski s series They are definitely 5 star reads It is described as a sweet romance but I don t class it as that The Hero hurts the heroine and is cruel with his accusations and taunts That s not sweet It is a second chance thoughHe s engaged but kissing his ex wife More redemption was needed The hero is selfish moronic stupid and nor imagine why the heroine fall in love with him Travis is such a complete jerk He knew Gena was pregnant Had the wrong idea about it being faked Doesn t confirm it Walks out on her But it s her fault he doesn t find out he has a daughter till 15 ears later Hello She never moved from the town they grew up in I couldn t buy in on him falling for her or why she was in love with him given how he treats her Can we say psychological abuseThis appears to be a very early work of the author s and not a good example of her current work which has much empathetic characters. D feelings Gena thought long dead rise from the ashes But there are other lives at stake now including that of the child Travis once thought was a lieForever Again is 52000 words and was previously published under the same title No changes have been made to the stor.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England where her favorite activities are writing romance and really random tweets when she’s not riding her ATV She loves mud books football & watching way too much TV

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