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Hat it is really worth it for the sex scenes the story is well writen and rather interesting But it is still free so grab it while ou can if Please Dont Tickle The Tiger you are interestedSolid 3 stars nice short story a little adult sex Would give it to teenagers age 16 and above but some would say it is for adults so whatever For a rainy weekend read Wow the sex scenes in this book were very very steamy I didn t expect H Blaze novels to venture into light bondage and stuff like that but I should have seen it coming when I found out that the heroine wears a dominatrix costume to go to her high school reunion party That was all good but the story as a whole didn t work too well for meMy biggest problem was its high school vibe all the characters in this book from the geeky hero and the angsty heroine to the arrogant football jock and the jealous cheerleader acted like they were still in their teens and not in their late twenties and I didn t care for it Dex was sexy but too needy for my taste Zoe was nice but too hung up on her dreadful high schoolears and I felt that their relationship was unbalanced his love was stronger than hers My favorite character in the story was Dex s grandmother the woman was a hoot and it s never a good sign when I m interested in reading about a secondary character than in following the Hh s relationshipOverall this was a so so book that was saved by the love scenes If MTIV you re in the mood for a titillating read and don t mind the teen angst go for it Another one that I would definitely read again I enjoyed the characters very much Zoe has trust and commitment issues out the wazoo and Dex isn tour proto typical romance hero He s got the tall dark and sizzling thing down but he s so sweet a grown up pocket protector type and ou just wanna cuddle him after the really hot sexOne thing that made me laugh really hard view spoilerThe bit of conversation in the post sex afterglow where Zoe says Dex and he automatically goes Hmm and then there are a few moments of silence and then he realizes he just gave himself away and goes FUCK hide spoiler Passionate engaging and sweet A really good read Awesome awesome book Loved the mystery behind Dex hiding behind the mask and the sexual pull between them even though Zoe wasn t uite sure who was the sexy hunk I love the theme of a geeky high school teen turned hot with an awesome bod Not being among the popular crowd I empathized with Zoe about returning to her high school reunion All in all a fantastic read I immediately stalked Tawny s website and wrote down all her other booksshe is my new autobuy. Go crushBut Zoe is shocked to discover the sexy body she's been so thoroughly enjoying belongs to Dexter Drake her oldest friend And he's hiding something bigger than just his identity.

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Turned into a hottie that inspired rather unfriendly thoughts in ZoeAnd there s also the issue of a masked hunk that had cornered her in the darkened gardenSo not only is Zoe s only friendship at stakes because of the untimely lust but she happens to lust after two men at the same timeOr is sheThere are no words to express just how much I loved this story I always enjoy reading high school reunion stories while dreading my own that s coming up soon but I also love the friends to lovers stories And this book combines the twoDex has been in love with Zoe for thirteen ears ever since they ve first met but she had seen him only as her best buddy in high school They didn t keep in touch so the high school reunion was a perfect opportunity for Dex to make his moveI loved this guy He was utterly adorable in his uest to win the heart of the woman of his dreams He was sweet possessive jealous to the right point and still determined to be at least her friend when she rejected him for fear of ruining their friendship And ou gotta love a guy who s prepared to dress up as Aragorn in tight leather pants to get a chance to kiss his girlZoe though at the beginning appearing rather spastic uickly grew on me Maybe because I saw myself in some of the situations she d been through in high school maybe because I saw myself in her protective mechanism nothing beats sarcasm and snarling commentsThese two were both rather damaged from their high school experience making stupid mistakes stupid choices misunderstanding almost everything and trust and belief in others was a big issue But they learned And they did it togetherWell now to the other thing I really like about this H Blaze It was hot Let me repeat that HOT Scorching hot in fact From the make out session in the darkened garden in full costume regalia the computer game avatar sex foreplay to the all night set the sheet ablaze session in utter darkness with a blindfold and leather restraints Oh boy I m still fanning myselfWhat a great combination of wonderful characters great high school related trauma humor secrets and steamy a little on the kinky side sexA definite keeper Good Series This book is in German my first languageGot this free thanks to lesennet EMail Newsletter which I receive 3 4 times a weekDo not expect too much will probably be a steamy fast readNice read but real sex scenes come only later in the book after 50% before that they always get disturbed or break it off for different reasons Sex scenes are ok real but not very kinky Got this free so checked the price today and I do not think Virgin comes dressed as a leather clad dominatrix whip and allHer scandalous costume catches a secret lover He seems so deliciously familiar under his disguise He's gotta be her long

I have to be honest I stopped reading most Harleuins some ears ago The stories had become trite and tired outdated if Silk and Steel you will How many stories canou read about Tycoons Sheiks Millionaires Nurses Females too stupid to live or surprise babies without getting A nice light Harleuin read with a little drama and Halloweencostume party thrown in A good book for the beach or when Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck you need a break from serious books or life This review is for the audio version as sold by AudibleZoe Gaston s experience in high school had been less than pleasant the only saving grace had been her one and only friend fellow geek Dexter Drake So attending the high school reunion hadn t been on her list of things to do At least not until her sister in law asks a favor of her which sadly involves attending that reunionZoe s brother is on the verge of closing down his business but there s a chance that someone Zoe went to school with can help him A game designer who goes by the name of Gandalf Problem is no one knows who Gandalf really is Add onto that the detail that her Geeky friend has grown into a hotty and the one time football Captain is still the jerk who helped all but ruin her high school life and Zoe has than enough problems to deal with So when she opens the box that has her costume in it for the party Zoe isn t sure what to do Instead of a safe Betty Boop costume she s finds herself staring at a skimpy leather dominatrix outfit complete with riding crop And once she s at the party a chance encounter with a masked and cape wearing fantasy hero adds a spice she wasn t expecting to findA saucy book with a mild amount of consensual bondage play Steamy scenes and fun characters that combined to keep the story interesting from beginning to end Zoe Gaston had hated high school So why is she back in Idaho for her tenear reunion Well her brother is trying to make it in the platform business and to do that he needs something exclusively tied to his product to compete with the big dogs He s thinking of a video game and the most popular video game designer pseudonym Gandalf the Wizard appears to had gone to the same school as Zoe and even used her in his first gameZoe s mission go to the reunion discover Gandalf s identity and ask him to work for her brotherEasier said than done Absolutely no one know who Gandalf is she still hates high school and she severely dislikes everybody from that time period Everybody except her best friend Dexter Drake And this reunion is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with Dex Though their friendship might be at risk because Dex has. Zoe Gaston needs to unmask a mystery man for work She also must survive her dreaded high school reunion and the costume party that opens it So Zoe once voted Girl Most Likely to Die

Free download Feels Like the First Time –

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of than forty books Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes most notably her popular Navy SEALs series Her sassy emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best—and women determined to have the best Tawny credits her ex military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing and in her life The recipient of numerous w

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