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D bringing his scenes to vivid 3D life His background as a film director screenwriter and fine arts painter adds fresh cinematic scope to his uniue brand of young adult storytelling Falcon Lord is a must read This third entry in the Falcon Lord series is something of a steampunk Wizard Of Oz with all the thrilling adventure colourful characters and terrifying villains that label implies DA Metrov has crafted a franchise novel that also works brilliantly as a standalone and there s something in here for everyone from philosophical musings to world hopping excitement This is a book of BIG IDEAS intelligently written and with a fantastic nerve shredding climax I won this book through a goodreads first read s contest I had a hard time getting into the book However my schedule became really crazy right about the same time I started it so to be fair it might not be the book s fault I had never read an official steampunk book although I may have read some without realizing it and I did not read the previous two books in the series I am curious if I had read those other two if I would have enjoyed this book To clarify I don t dislike the book I just did not feel a strong connection with it if that makes sense. Ons to the environment Though determined to find a solution he faces a series of devastating traumas including Will’s murder Assisted by a small army of robots he constructs an enormous levitating platform in the shape of a falcon to carry a reverse ionization device over the sea and restore balance to the discordant atmosphere His nemesis Dredgemont has also incarnated in America and sets out to destroy him by raising an army of phantom gorpes trolls and bats including Gretch and Malgor A clash of spirit armies takes place amidst the global hurricane and the Skookumchuck whirlpool threatens to swallow Brighton and his fantastic airship to the bottom of the seaFALCON LORD A SERIES OF STEAMPUNK FANTASY NOVE.

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Escape from the Skookumchuck Falcon Lord #3 ´ ONLINE Author D.A. Metrov – freewebdesing.com

As author of the FALCON LORD SERIES this Book Three is my favorite uite unexpectedly we leave the Lost Isle of Perpetua to be reborn in an alternate Post Civil War America where the South has won and Rutheneist Zombie Vampire Corporations are controlling and destroying the land A five star review for Falcon Lord Escape from the Skookumchuck A Steam punk Fantasy Novelby DA MetrovBook Description In this illustrated first book of the Falcon Lord Trilogy 16 year old Brighton Avia lowly 2nd Assistant Game Warden lives in self imposed exile on a small island off the coast of Perpetua Years earlier he was abandoned by his mother after his father the last falcon rider was illed by his own giant raptor When an army of underworld mutants threatens the realm Willowmena presses the maverick youth to join the war effort against them The couple embarks on an impossible journey to consult an elusive seer for advice on how to fight the marauders They discover the seer is missing and a vast toxic mining operation threatens to destroy the Different Class kingdom Brighton further learns that nine years earlier his father was murdered for attempting to stop the illegal enterprise Someone had bewitched Lord Avia s falcon Brighton must An Epic Steampunk Fantasy NovelIn this third installment of Falcon Lord a series of Steampunk Fantasy Novels the good people of Valkyrie have finally driven off Dredgemont’s gorpes and nzumbe trolls but the enemies’ evil spirits still haunt Perpetua The great raven Wark has died and the citizens elect Brighton Avia the new Chancellor The Falcon Rider’s first challenge is to stop the mysterious winds that are growing worse by the day But when Willowmena isidnapped by a monstrous bird and Brighton discovers she’s been taken to a land called Amaraka he abandons all other concerns and swears an oath to get her back Forced to traverse the dimensions of time and space and reincarnate in a new body Bright.

Ome to terms with the crime that shaped his bitter outlook on life For the first time he determines to defend something other than his own personal interests He risks his life to take up his father s uest He defies the evil genius and his warriors who would stop at nothing in their rampage for wealth and power His bold actions inspire the citizens to resurrect the battle for their homeland They grant him the prestigious title of Sky Sheriff When he and his intrepid falcon lead the common people to victory Brighton Avia becomes nown as the legend Falcon LordDear Readers If you are looking for the best Young Adult Fantasy and particularly Steampunk fiction books you will want to take note D A Metrov not only writes with passion and sensual detail but with a wink to current day issues His heroic characters are defenders of Mother Nature On a deeper level they seem to have an innate alliance with a mysterious Spiritual Force the same Force that created the Universe Metrov s uniue blend of epic fantasy steam punk fantastic steam powered inventions and metaphysics draws the reader ever deeper into a remarkable new realm of fantasy literature His powerful illustrations add an extra dimension to the written wor. On is reborn in Kansas shortly after the end of the American Civil War which has been won by the South An elitist mob of Rutheneist tycoons part zombie part vampire are destroying the earth out of greed and the same winds ripping apart Perpetua are driving humanity underground Brighton grows up to be a brilliant inventor and aviator He attends the finest steam technology university in the country where students race single man steam jets in a city filled with a bewildering array of Babbage steam driven vehicles airships and other inventions Joined by Will Pello and Biffee also incarnated as humans Brighton discovers the winds are originating from an oceanic whirlpool that’s being fueled by manmade disrupti.

LIGHTMASTERS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT“Our mission is to bring greater awareness to the Beauty of our World”Founded in 1995 by author painter and award winning filmmaker D A Metrov Lightmasters Arts & Entertainment is dedicated to creating art—film literature and paintings—that raise awareness of the beauty in our world We believe that heightened awareness of beauty leads to a greater appreci

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