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Oine is not very interesting is talked into something she doesn t want to do and easily forgives a huge lie by omission Also she supposedly has romantic history that effects her but never deals with it and don t get me started on how the hero deals with his romantic past This book is so over the top and nbelievable that the only reason I finished this was because my mom got angry because she said it s not for my age but i like it even though it has some scenes witch i reall. Ey would get a father for her baby But he hadn't planned on Ashley's searing kisses shattering the walls around his heartMARRY A BRANTAshley might have fantasized about Gabe when she was a girl but she didn't trust the amb.

( READ Do You Take This Enemy? Stallion Pass #1 ) AUTHOR Sara Orwig – freewebdesing.com

Y don t like DNFKarena dialog mereka yang ngalor ngidul di hal itu lagi itu lagi jadinya berasa stagnan kan Tapi ketertarikan fisik mereka diceritakan dengan serrrr cepaaat banget Saya berhenti di halaman 76 Sekian gak bisa komen apa apa lagi A b The Courage to Love Her Army Doc u r r i d o Ella est embarazada de otro l es dena familia a la cual la suya est enemistada y l porue iere las tierras de pronto le ofrece matrimonio y desde el comienzo es super enamoradizo con ella jam s le recrimina nada pfff. Itious cowboy to keep his word once he grabbed the Ryder land The way Gabe made her pulse race and her knees weak didn't mean a thing Except that she found herself wishing their paper marriage would catch fireStallion Pass.

Alur terlalu cepat Detil tidak ditulis dengan bagus Tergesa gesa sehingga pembaca tidak bisa menikmati apa yang sebenarnya terjadi pada dua tokoh tama Well tidak bisa berharap banyak pada buku kecil yang tebalnya kurang dari 150 halaman just like another harleuin story I don t give many books that I finish one star but this one gets it Its horrid Its very ho hum the conflict is too easily settled and the hero is too worried about himself to think about his actions The her. PROPOSE TO A RYDERGabriel Brant was breaking a generations long feud by proposing to the lovely Ashley Ryder He offered a deal that would benefit both he'd get land to expand his cattle ranch and seven months pregnant Ashl.

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USA Today bestselling romance author Sara Orwig has over sixteen million copies of her books in print Internationally her books have 200 translations of her novels into 26 languages She has written 97 books and was one of the first 6 inductees into the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame and 2 time winner of Oklahoma Writers Federation awards for Best Oklahoma Novel Sara is winner of e