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Y enjoys fighting and revels in participating in a dance between a worthy adversary His happiness and excitement in it is hilarious and wonderful to read I swooned when he expressed his sadness over losing Mary s grandfather a master at arms as an opponent it showed a fine point of his characterKale s connection to Vaughn was great I feared that the author would force a parallel in Vaughn to Kale s level of awesome because really no one can compare to that Instead I was pleased that their relationship flowed well and neither was pressed to measure up to the other Vaughn stays as lovable as he is and so does Kale Vaughn is clearly not as strong or accomplished as Kale but I like him like that and while he can grow as a character I can t help disliking the idea of Vaughn surpassing Kale They complement each other and make each other happy and I don t feel like they need to alter anything to eep balanceVery detailed history that I always enjoy seeing Well paced and exciting throughout the story Small details scattered all around that show special careIt was awesome enough that I check back pretty freuently in case there s an update And the ind of original that I don t even need a refresher in the basic content because I d never read something like it enough before hide spoiler. K to health only to discover that he brought home the Demon Child himself and that the title is a literal description rather than a monikerStatus WIPhttporiginaladultfanfictionnets.

A very imaginative and interesting story with several likeable characters along with a few villains it proved uite captivating most of the time However they were a few things that let it down The language in both the narrative and the dialogue was occasionally too 2021st century spoiling the historic setting Often misplaced words would creep in I suspect perhaps an autocorrect may be responsible for example palatable appears to have replaced what surely was intended to be palpable as the former makes little sense in the context there were several further instances where I had to re read correcting words or even phrases in order to make sense Every time this happens it brings one out of the imaginary world of the story and back to realityThe ending seemed very abrupt The story appeared to entering a new phase in the adventure but then within two of three short paragraphs we re suddenly at the end abandoning several potentially interesting threads It read very much as if the author had lost interest and simply wanted to wrap it up uickly I felt cheated Admittedly this was a free read but I was still cheated of my time Really interesting and intense I loved the plot and the characters and I can barely eep my eyes open now cause I had to read it in one sitting DKale has been When Vaughn Shido joined his brother's troops as they besieged the desert city of Ro'don he assumed that the infamous enemy commander Ari Kale adopted the title Demon Child to insp.

Ossessed by an ancient demon god since he was a 7 year old slave and is now the center figure in an uprising The politics is slightly complicated but even the side characters are lovable in a I will slit your throat ind of wayI m curios what happens next but the last chapter posted isn t a huge cliffhanger Things still are tense and lots of things need to be wrapped up but it doesn t make me pull my hair out Hopefully this will be completed at some pointch 18 Read up to chapter 18Very very charming story Well written with special care in developing the world in their history and culture The politics inside are defined and intricate the characters deep and fascinating The MCs are fantastic and the plot unfolds with much skill This is roughly 84k wordsAlternate link herePoints of brillianceview spoilerReally enjoyed the MC here I always love a good boss character The leadership theme is a favourite and I love encountering it Kale is just casually awesome and I melt with glee He s pretty cocky about it but with good cause and he s not an ass even nowing how high level he is Kale takes heavy responsibility for his people and inspires a heavy loyalty he loathes to abuse What comes of that power and duty to it is beautifulKale s enthusiasm in combat and the art of combat He trul. Ire fear in his enemies After a gruesome battle fate and a psychotic ally guide him to a beautiful young enemy on the brink of death He steals the young man away and nurses him bac.

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Free Ebook Demon Spawn æ lostogg –

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