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Ll hard for Calder 1 I better believe she truly and completely loves him and isn t ust taking him as second pick because her future with Bragg is impossible 2 Her choice better not come out of either anger or disappointment from Bragg If it does initially I want to then later see Fran really fall had for the guy she never thought she d love You can tell by book 4 which I am currently reading that there is an intense connection between these two characters and I really want to see how their relationship unfolds On another note the only other thing that could have been better about this instalment was the ultimate identity of the murderer There is such a good setup the whole book through and although this book and the next one probably all the books from here on in focus on the relationships of every character rather than the mystery plot I wanted satisfaction from the climax of the story The murders are bloody and mark the culprit as a serial killer and I enjoyed that this mystery involved Maggie Kennedy a widowed seamstress with four children who is slowly becoming a friend of Francesca s Her eldest son Joel Kennedy is Fran s assistant in all her cases and I love this kid He s funny obnoxious and very entertaining He s also very sweet and really loves his mother and siblings Anyway the addition of other characters and the way Joyce weaves the new with the old was great I really liked seeing the tentative connections between Maggie and Francesca s brother Evan and can t wait to see if that will develop as the books proceed I needed from the ending though You have this build up like I said and then all of a sudden you know who the culprit is and bam Francesca saves the day and it s all over I wanted of a lead up and less of a smack down once the climax was headed towards a denouement It wouldn t have taken much even an extra page would have helped Ultimately this series is really great Yes annoying at times but the characters are real and very well developed and I enjoy meeting them again and again as each book is read It s fun to read a continuing story like this and to see all the characters and storylines come together and change as needed Big changes are on the horizon I can tell and not Dead Boy just for the main characters but for the minor ones I ve come to love as well I want to see Sarah Channing and Maggie Kennedy and I want them both to get their happy endings I also want Bartolla Benevante to get hers This btch needs to go down That is all I am enjoying this series Not many romantic suspense books are set in New York at the beginning of the 20th century There is romance mystery and a wonderful sense of New York City in 1902 The mystery was solid and it wasn t until all was revealed that it made complete sense which is a good thing And while I like Rick he does have a wife and in 1902 he is really bringing scandal on Francesca by continuing to encourage her They are perfectly suited but he is not available That is the interest in this series for me because it is so true to life Sometimes there isust no perfect choice and the Mud and Stars journey to making a decision reveals so much about your characterThis series must be read in order there s on my blog Much better than the first two books in the series Francesca wasn t as naively stupid in the one Despite his bad boy persona I really like Hart and am looking forward to seeing how the relationship between he and Francesca develop. Known Innocent women are being murdered and there seems to be a strange connection between them Can Francesca unravel the clues Or by doing so will she place herself and other women in graveeopardy Francesca must oin forces with Rick Bragg New York City's Police Commissioner and the man she cannot resist loving as their search takes them through a twisted labyrinth of menacing lies corruption and a passion that refused to be denie.

Erful and gorgeous menFrancesca though for all her supposed book smarts and unmatched intelligence is a very naive character Now I like innocence in a heroine nothing wrong with that But there is a huge difference between innocence and naivet and it s a fine line between endearing and annoying Unfortunately one of the only complaints I consistently have with this series is the blindness naivet and ultimate immaturity of the heroine She s compelling sure beautiful yes but she gets on my nerves for most of the book with her die hard declarations of everlasting love for Rick Bragg the married slightly pretentious morally bound although his morals take a hike whenever Francesca bates her eyes at him he s helpless to her charms apparently and oh so handsome and good police commissioner I don t dislike Bragg but I can t say I love him either Honestly I guess Francesca and Bragg do make the perfect couple they are both reformers and want to help the less fortunate and all that stuff but it comes across so fake and phony most of the time that I want to gag It may seem like I m beating up on the characters and the book but in all honesty this series is really good and kind of addictive so I d read it nonetheless I d be totally fine accepting Bragg and Francesca as a couple if this book didn t also feature the devastating Calder Hart Man this guy is so delicious and sinister and caustic and cynical and bad but in all the right ways that make you ust want to hug the guy and declare your everlasting love Why Francesca hasn t done this yet continues to amaze me She must have an iron will or a really good veil to pull over her eyes let s her ignore all the unsightly things she ust can t handle I love that unlike Bragg Calder Bragg s half brother and nemesis continually calls Francesca out on her crap She s being a brat he calls her one she s being naive and close minded and he tells her so Like I said this guy is no holds barred and I love it He is the character who forces everyone to see the things they would much rather deny are right in front of their faces Calder is not his half brother s favourite person and they do not get along under any circumstances at first Calder was mainly fascinated by the relationship between Fran and Bragg but now it seems he s beginning to really care about Francesca and is therefore becoming her champion which I love He s the bad brother the dark horse and all that comes along with it but what you really start to see in this book the third in the series is that Calder has a real tenderness and kindness about him Of course he d never admit it It actually gets frustrating to see how Bragg and sometimes Francesca see Calder they paint him as the bad guy with no morals or virtue but really Take a look at yourselves is all I got to say But like his brother Calder really likes Francesca and she does have some good ualities aside from her perpetual stupidity She s kind loyal always wants to help others sweet natured and good tempered She s at once docile and yet she hides a fiery temperament which I love I want her to show her fiery side which I think will only come out when she s with Calder Another reason I love him He brings out the real Francesca Cahill not simply the young pretty miss she wishes to be with Bragg Anyway you can tell I m rooting for Calder and Francesca We ll see how it goes because if Francesca is suddenly going to change her tune and fa. Ld be mapped out for her find an eligible suitor marry and have children But Francesca is an unconventional young lady who is not about to give up her knack for sleuthing even though it brings her closer to danger than she ever could imagineMurder strikes once again in the seamy underbelly of New York's high society exposing scandalous secrets and unleashing an intense investigation into one of the most brutal crimes the city has ever.

This is another great novel Calder or Bragg it is killing me LOL Again the mystery takes a backseat to the constant tension between these three I am reading right through them and I don t know or want to know who she ends up with unless I read it first Deadly Affairs is book three of the Deadly Series These books focus on the character of Francesca Cahill an american heiress in turn of the century New York who is a bit of a sleuth She and police comissioner Rick Bragg have a new mystery to solveIn this book yet again the mysterymurder story wasn t very good It is rather simple straightfoward and not that interesting So I d think the author would press on the romance between the two main characters and on the upcoming love triangle But that doesn t happen Although you can see that the writer tries to make the love scenes engaging they lack tension heat and romance as we readers of romance novels perceive them It s not a great mystery story and it certainly isn t a good enough romance Still I liked reading it Go figure Everybody seems to be either beautiful and rich or dashingly handsome and rich and I am not too sure on whether Brenda Joyce wants to focus on the love story or on the investigative part of the plot My Francesca Cahill re read continues with us finding our heroine in a uandary Her parents are finally getting a clue in regards to her sleuthing adventures This is especially concerning to her mother Julia because she hates the idea of her spending time with Rick Bragg Which only makes him attractive to our heroineThis is book that so many things are revealed to all the players involved Of course Calder asserts himself in the storyline but his motives are hidden to everyone All Francesca knows is that she gets nervous when he looks at her that wayThe mystery portion of this series keeps falling flat for me Mystery is not a comm This was an enjoyable read although not as good as the De Warnne Dynasty in my opinion Thus is the story of Franchesca Cahill a young lady that is part of the upper crust but she had little interest in dresses and frivolous things and instead has a razor sharp mind that she has used to help solve 3 murders She is in love with the police commissionerRick Bragg who unfortunately is unhappily married She is even secretly enrolled in college A fast past page turner with plenty of things going on to keep it interesting I didn t realize that this was the third book of a trilogy or I am not sure but even accounting for that all the characters are either boring or unlikable I made it eight chapters in and I don t care about any of them The mystery isn t even really a major plot I m sure I missed something in the previous two books about Bragg and Francesca but I hardly care about them There appears to be a lot going on and passages are happening in short snippets that make it impossible to care about any plot line And I really don t like Hart Deadly Affairs was another great instalment in Brenda Joyce s Deadly series The same characters are back as in the first two with a few new additions here and there to make the story work As always I loved some of the characters and was annoyed at various points by others mainly the heroine Francesca Cahill Heiress reformer amateur sleuth this woman is vastly different from the other young women of wealth in her social circle which is why I suppose Miss Cahill has attracted the attention of two very pow. Brenda Joyce has enthralled millions of readers with her New York Times bestselling novels Now oin us in the next chapter of her unforgettable storytelling the Francesca Cahill novels Enter the glittering world of turn of the century New York City where a metropolis booming with life also masks a dark world of danger death and daring desireAs the heiress to a vast fortune amassed by her millionaire father Francesca Cahill's life shou.

Books download Deadly Affairs AUTHOR Brenda Joyce –

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