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Fighting Demons (Fighting for Love Book 1) Kindle EditionDARC Ops: The Complete Series Kindle EditionDark Secret (DARC Ops Book 1) Kindle EditionDreamcatchers: The Complete Collection Kindle EditionLainey (Dreamcatchers Romantic Suspense Series Book 4) Kindle EditionPayton (Dreamcatchers Romantic Suspense Series Book 3) Kindle EditionDark Escape (DARC Ops Book 10) Kindle EditionSienna (Dreamcatchers Romantic Suspense Series Book 5) Kindle EditionKeila (Dreamcatchers Romantic Suspense Series Book 2) Kindle EditionDark Web (DARC Ops Book 2) Kindle EditionDark Deception (DARC Ops Book 11) Kindle EditionLine of Fire (Southern Heat Book 5) Kindle Edition

Of these stories started a bit slow some pulled me in right from the beginning All built into entertaining reads with extreme danger strong characters drama and steamy chemistry Also a gambit of surprising twists with kidnappings murders assassins etc and of course a multi talented winning team Definitely entertaining but some nresolved threads PTators Intelligent characters true love friendship secret operationsstrong and capable men risking their lives to save the women they love All beautifully woven together enjoyed story line as well as one continued read in one book Justno The first story in the series was just not good The writing is very amateurish The plot is silly and convoluted and made no sense the bad guy was cheesy and Has her name all over it and now someone wants her deadDark HeartCan medic Jasper Raleigh save nurse Fiona Marshall's life from a hidden enemy She was once his lover and now her life is in his handsDark ControlAlmost killed on an op Matthias has crippling PTSD nightmares and flashbacks now normal Can he deal with his past in time to save Laurel's futureDark ThreatSam Hyde wants to stay with Clara Mills forever The only problem An attack from a terrorist threat that no one else believes even existsDark LiesTrapped On the run half a world away from home Can Tucker For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde uinn save the woman he loves before the CIA's assassin finds her and kills them bothDark SalvationCole's killed in war but he'd never take the life of an innocent So how the hell did he endp in.

Free read DARC Ops: The Complete Series AUTHOR Jamie Garrett –

Bvious and the main characters were not well developed at all Horrible mess of a read I bought the complete series and just CANNOT bring myself to read the other stories I didn t enjoy the style of writing Scary Stories 3 unfortunately it didn t hold my attention Great romance novel This is one series that you will not want to miss It is full of action and suspense murder mystery and everything in between But when these hot and sexy alpha men get involved things turn explosive in than one way Each story is on each of the team members called DARC OPS We learn about their lives and how they come together to make the world a better place but importantly what they will do for each woman that comes into their lives that are in trouble in way way or another. The kill room with a gun to Annica Lawson's headDark DiscoveryKalani escaped with her life barely but that doesn't mean they've stopped hunting her down Ethan Vaughan promised to keep her safe When one of their own goes missing and all signs point to an inside job all bets are offDark EnemyFacing a matter of life or death Holly must ask for help from the one man she's tried for years to forget For Logan Williams blood and sweat is nothing than another day on the job Until a woman from his past showsp terrified and begging for help One slip and he could lose the only woman he's ever loved forever Click to buy now and start the military romantic suspense series readers say is So good a must read The men of DARC Ops get hotter each book never want it to end.

I loved reading this series It was in the suggestion section of another book I bought I gave it shot along with the preuel I read it first and immediately loved it I bought the other nine and then the tenth and eleventh I still think Annica and Jackson should have wound p together but if they are both truly happy then I m okay with it Incredible I m concerned about fictional characters feelings Absolutely can t wait for the next Keep em coming Jamie Garrett Great It was great having the full series although the books are stand alone with their stories It provides the backgrounds for the ever growing team Well written stories that flow well and keep you entertained Dark Ops The Complete Series by Jamie Garrett overall good seriesSome. Hackers Black Ops Alpha males determined to protect whats theirsCelebrate the release of Dark Escape DARC Ops 10 with this box set Save over 85% with this special sale priceDark SecretMaybe it's her innocent gaze that makes his blood boil with lust Regardless Jackson wants Mira as his own very special personal client The pretty blonde ignites every protective instinct inside his battle scarred heart He'll need every shred of his skills and warrior strength to protect herDark WebOne last job That's what Carly DiMarco told herself But while she knows nothing about her boss he clearly knows everything about her Enough to find people from a past she thought long dead and kill them in cold bloodTansy has never met her face to face but can't forget her This hack.

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Hi I love to read almost as much as I love to write I feel so blessed that I can earn a living doing what I love every dayI live with my husband and two gorgeous kids plus two cats both of which will sit on the keyboard and keep me company at almost any opportunityI was always the last kid out of school walking slowly out the classroom doors with my head in a book Once my parents nearly called the police because they couldnt find me for hours I was up a tree with my favorite storyId love to meet you hear your feedback or answer any uestions you have about my booksTo get notified of new releases advance sales notice ARCs and giveaways sign up here and say hi at