Online ebook Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie –

Online ebook Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie –

The two stars are for Candice since it was nice to see that character filled out a bit But if this had been the first book of this series I d ead it would have been the last She did neither of her main characters Abby 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life represented in this book as a flighty selfish self absorbed adloescent bimbette or Dutch Can t wait to see what he does if they have kids and she doesn t like one put it in a car trunk and ditch it in a lake or maybe foist it on his mother any favors in this book I m glad Iead this series out of seuence because I HATE this book You know VL this book could give psychics a bad name That is if I didn t know several who happen to be well balanced financial savvy personally fine individuals Oh and My dog says if it isn t at least 20 pounds it might be a perfectly fine animal but it sure as hell isn t a dog She does have some friends who are less than 20 lbs that yap some poms and a dachsy but she is firmly convinced they are not dogs AND she loves her cat friends too P It s been a while since I ve Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read a book from this series and it was easy to jump back into it This was a fun story with good characters I enjoyed how seemingly unrelated cases came together in the end It s fun watching Abby use her gift to help solve cases and I think we all wish we had her inboard lie detector I won t be waiting so long to get to the next book in the series And I m out whilst I found this series light and kind of frothy I considered it mostly harmless and mildly amusing But as the series progresses I find myself disliking the h Abby She can get a bit whiney overly obsessive and for that matter possessive Her bouts of insecurity when it comes to Dutch her man have become tiresome And there are often major stumbling blocks in theules of these books that just don t make sense to me or make me want to scream when the h doesn t see the obvious answerWas cute now has worn out its welcome mat In Crime Seen Abby is staying with Dutch while she ecovers from her injuries He gives her a few case files to look at to see if her guides offer any tips or leads he can follow He and Milo are preparing for the parole hearing for a man who confessed to killing a cop These two cases become mingled when Abby searches for clues Not sure if her psychic mojo has been lost or not she s uneasy about starting back with her clientele So to save some Abby Cooper Psychic Eye is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case especially because.

Oney she offers to share space with her friend and sometimes client Candice who is interested in starting up her own PI business Together they work on the case while trying not to get themselves killed in the process This series continues to offer interesting mysteries however the elationship between Dutch and Abby is like watching a train wreck in slow motion I don t want it to happen I can see the collision course even if they cannot There s nothing I can do to stop it but I cannot stop looking When these two first met I was eually smitten However Abby continues to keep Dutch at arms length even as he continues to be overly supportive and appreciative of her abilities So far there has been no acceptable explanation for her commitment phobia She says she loves him but then in the very next breath treats him terribly I hope after the events at the end of this installment they are finally able to become the strong couple I know they can be She has an FBI guy at her beck and call yet she continues to venture on her own after killers This makes no sense to me especially considering the costs she s paid for doing so Candice is tough and can teach Abby a lot about self defense Abby will need it if she s going to continue hunting killers on her own Both Hh annoyed me to no end Lies omissions awkward conversations it gets old very fast I ll have to take a break with the seriesOh and the dog versus cat person Ah yes I need this too Another great Psychic Eye book In this book Abby is ecovering from the gunshot wound that she eceived in her last book She is staying with Dutch and is having a hard time trusting her intuitive powers since she feels that they let her down when she got shot In steps Candice her PI friend with an offer that Abby just can not Au bagne refuse and which helps to get Abbyight back into the thick of things She helps Dutch with a couple of FBI cases while at the same time works behind Dutch s back with Candice on a cold case that both Dutch and Milo are personally involved in putting herself once in the middle of some dangerous situations A great mystery in this book as well Dutch and Abby working on their elationship As a whole a great ead Love the series even on my 3rd ead through but I can t seem to get past the subtle misogyny I must be growing as a person cause I just didn t see it the first time around Ab. She didn't see the shots coming Out of work and second guessing her abilities she tries to get back in the saddle.

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By is so worried about Dutch yelling at her that she does the most outrageous things to avoid it Frankly it makes me sad 25 I m getting tired of Dutch s sweethot and a bit tired of the main character s constant lying She s always like a young kid afraid to tell the truth as she will get into trouble with Dutch Very immature and frustrating Also how many times can she land herself in near death situations She s like a cat with nine lives Not feeling this plot so much In this installment of the psychic eye series Abby finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation Two actually and neither of them very ecent When Dutch asks her to look into some cases for him she accidentally gets a hit on one that s already been solved The only problem is the wrong guy is doing time Now Abby s gone undercover in a crooked loan business and it might be dangerous than a bullet to the chestI thoroughly enjoy this series I haven t ated it very high because uite frankly the characters never eally change and sometimes the dialogue is pretty terrible But I love the plot I look forward to eading every book in this seriesDutch as always annoyed me in this book I find too high handed He almost never trusts Abby s instincts which are always dead on okayin this book he got a bit better But just a bit Plus he s way overprotective I eally hate that Abby has to lie and avoid telling him anything just so that she can get done what she needs to get done Granted it s generally dangerous but this is Abby we e talking about She s always made it out aliveso far anyway And besides that he s the in the bloody FBI His job is just as dangerous so he needs to back offAnyway despite my misgivings of the love interest in these books they are pretty awesome and I definitely plan on eading the est of the series in fact I already own them Abby seems to be having trust issues with Dutch in this new adventure which has her scrambling to investigate a cop killer without confiding in anyone except her PI friend and partner I did like how the author manage to weave together the strands of than one case even if it seems awfully lucky that some people were in the ight place at the ight time The problem was this book felt a little bit flat and Dutch a little too good to be true by the end though it was still fun to ead I guess I ll keep going a bit longer. By helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases And soon enough her intuition eturns with a vengeance.

Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of 32 books and counting Over the past 16 years Victoria has created several series and a few stand alone novels Her mystery series include The Psychic Eye Mysteries The Life Coach Mysteries and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries She's also the author of two YA books When and Forever Again as well as a middle grade series called The Oracles

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