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Rowing but it randomly turned to just sextalking aboutanyways not the showing lengthy and repetitive lectures on lust and how this isn t love and not very much connections The rive to the restaurant where Luca was going to propose a business marriage was awkward to say the least Ellie was upset and thinking she was going to get the Billy Bragg dear john speech so she was nervous and trying to separate herself so she wouldn t be hurt BUT the conversation they attempted just show how little they have in common and what little real connection they have She was literally only able to talk about the child in a business sense otherwise it was about if herress was appropriate He literally had no response or real engagement to the conversation To uote Ellie and Luca really are like chalk and cheese I cannot see this relationship outlast the yearAlso I literally fell in love at first sight with my SObut Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary did anyone else notice they knew each other for like 2 weeks went on a vacation with each other and after about 4 weeks of KNOWING each other and 1 week of sleeping with each other they were engaged Then like one week after that they were married and on honeymoon about a week later where he wanted to START A FAMILY The official engagement and the children making were within 5 pages of each other Too the math they have been having sex for about 35 weeks not even knowing each other for a whole 2 months and they are going to start making babiesLuca has admitted his last relationship only lasted like 2 months which is longer than he has know Ellie and he got bored with it I m a romantic it s why I read HP but I really can t for see this relationship lasting Loved this emotional story where the hero must learn that to fulfil his promise to look after his godson under tragic circumstances he must first be taught to open his heart by the woman who finds his godson when he runs away loved this romantic read 15 stars because even it was boring I have succeeded to finish it A very uick very garden variety HP It has all the reuisite unconventional heroine child in need of assistance arrogant alpha male sexual chemistry between the H and h sexy location as a backdrop for romance to happenIt was ok I got through it pretty uickly I idn t fall asleep A win all around It was mostly okay up until the end and then it sort of fizzled for me The man rejecting the woman then turning around five minutes later to be all flowery in love with her was a bit Unbelievable From there on it became wish fulfillment tying up every loose end fantasy land and in a way that was frankly boring I love watching the strong arrogant know it alls falls to the sweethearts who know much better. Contracting her to look after the young child is easy enying their fierce attraction is infinitely challenging Fall in love with this billionaire boss and his Cinderella.

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Free Epub Contracted for the Spaniards Heir ↠ Cathy Williams –

See the full review at HarleuinJunkiecomSparks of attraction flew instantly between our hero and heroine in Contracted for the Spaniard s Heir even if they came from completely ifferent worlds But what made this romance a whole lot of fun was watching Ellie persuade Luca to forget for a few moments about being a billionaire and focus instead on getting to know his young godson Jake and with Luca showing Ellie how beautiful she truly was and how spontaneous she could beI Miss Shumway Waves a Wand do enjoy an opposites attract romance and this was a perfect example of how it should beone Author Cathy Williams took two people who started off butting heads one of them Luca with an agenda on his mind and then turned them slowly into a charming couple who fit into each other s lives surprisingly well Read More Ellie is a teacher Her father got scammed and is in The Touch debt Ellie started walkingogs moved to a cheap shared apartmentShe hoped her glamorous would be actress sister Lily will help but no help is comingLuca Ross is a Spanish businessmanSorry but with an English surname never explained and only once speaking a fluent Spanish I On His Majestys Service don t buy it Luca speaks only English most of the time reads English newspapers and never uses Spanish words in the book Luca inherits his godson Jake 6 from aistant cousin who Different Class died in a car crash together with his wifeSo Luca brings the boy to London and hires nannies for him Oneay Jake is bored and wanders awayEllie finds him and brings him home Luca offers her a summer job to look after Jake Ellie agrees but wants Luca to spend time with the boy talk about his late parents see photos and mementosThen Luca s ex causes a sceneLuca whisks Ellie and Jake away to MallorcaTher Good book BORING In short 15 stars because the concept was cute and some bonding happens Overall though the writing was awful and the characters and their relationships were so flat they can t even be considered 2 The Essential Good Food Guide dimensional Everything is told instead of just shown and the characterson t seem like they will last Also if you think you are just going to read this for the sex scenes think again There are like three in the last uarter and two are a bit glossed overWhile I Textbook of Wisdom don t pick up these books expecting literary masterpieces the writing andialogue were off putting The same phrases such as legs up to her armpits are used multiple times If you are a tall blonde woman with long legs and possibly breasts at a c cup or larger prepare to be attacked every twenty pages or less The writing implies all these blonde tall women are idiots who just throw themselves at men This could be mostly attributed to the main character s own insecurities about herself and her siste. Hired for the tycoon’s convenience Engaged to secure his legacyBrooding Spaniard Luca Ross has the world at his feet But left to care for his orphaned godson the heir

R But the male love interest Luca makes pretty much identical comments AND his vindictive ex is In Defence of Dogs described as tall blonde with legs up to her armpits This woman is portrayed as the crazy ex willing to lie and spread rumors to get back with Luca She completelyismissed our main character Ellie and thought publishing the rumor that attractive Luca is ating someone like her would be evastating to him There is a lot of women on women hate here to say the leastThat brings me to another point the whole plot with her estranged sister who is a tall blonde with legs up to her armpits was so flat It like most of the writing was all telling and not at all showing She brings up this Paul guy who she clearly The City in Mind doesn t care about and how her sister stole her just because she could The sisterropped him right afterwards and moved to America to chase her Revenge (The Red Ledger dreams The sisters relationship we were told was strained because of their mother who chose the little sister as her favorite because of her looks This character is constantly portrayed andescribed as someone who is super selfish and loves to hear about themselves The character literally No One Wants You decided to show up at the island her sister went to for vacation after an engagement rumor was in the tabloids JUST TO HOOK UP WITH LUCAher sisters supposed fianc Sheidn t believe her sister could be engaged to a wealthy attractive man even when her sister explicitly said so And it is implied she STILL would pursue Luca if he The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity didn t say anything prompting her to leave the next morningher visit lasting from like 9pm 8am YET when things are all wrapped up at the end we are supposed to believe this was all just because the sister was jealous of Ellie And this was explained word for word by the sister herself because we all talk like thatI really like the concept falling in love while working together to help an emotionally hurt child But it wasn t wellone At odd times the two sort of forget the child is there and the author throws a little bit out there at the end when she remembered the child was in the scene I Penguins Poems for Life didn t like Ellie or Luca Ellie was always moping about how she looked and the author and Luca SAID she was a hurricane breathing fire and that she was always standing up for herself but she reallyidn t till the end And both Luca and Ellie seemed to have two explicit sets of morals that they would constantly talk about explicitly talking about their morals not figuratively realizing they have ifferent morals by how they react and constantly thinking about their ifferent morals in the same words they used in the ialogueI think there were some parts were I could see the attraction really forming and a bond O his unimaginable wealth he’s completely out of his epth Then bubbly innocent Ellie Edwards stumbles into his life and she’s exactly what Luca’s been looking for.

Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad the West Indies She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before apart from school essays a lifetime ago and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers She would encourage any would be writer to have faith and go for itShe has been writi