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Co authors business partners and life partners Kelly and Ben Decker walk you through their method of creating engaging presentations that win people over and lead to the results you want Each chapter ends with exercises to help you eradicate behaviors that hold you back and adopt a stronger communication style You ll learn about the number one thing you need to do before planning your presentation narrative hint it has nothing to do with you and the power of the rule of three Make sure you have a highlighter handy once you start reading this oneNotes from the bookMore and people are looking to inspire not just inform at their companies One idea Hertz holds TOM Talks TOM Total Open Mind which is Hertz s shorthand for an entrepreneurial innovation orientation Exec team selects four people worldwide to deliver an inspiring message in 12 minutes or less at their annual leadership conference It s now one of the most popular parts of their program You need to create an emotional connection by1 Show warmth care and interest as well as competence so we can engage others as we deliver a message2 Add emotion to our content Use stories analogies and even humor Stories especially those that reveal personal vulnerability help us et to know that person and further increase that connectionThere are 5 Behaviors of TrustMake the Connection Eye communicationKeep Them Tuned in with Energy Posture and Movement Gestures and facial expressions Voice and vocal varietyBoost Credibility Pausing pausing can also help you avoid using a filler word like um or you know It also helps you breathe Good practice techniue try to overdo the pause Create Emotional Connection through SHARPsStories have the most power Let me tell you a story HumorAnalogiesReferencesPictures and VisualsRules for storytelling Begin with the End in Mind know that everything you say leads to the ending Make Me Care the By Words Alone greatest story commandment Make the Audience Work for Its Meal create a curiosityap Storytelling is the well organized absence of information Draws people in and makes them want to know Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty William Archer Give people kernels of information so they try to figure things out and connect the dots Make it Personal share something about yourself Watch Andrew Stanton s TED Talk The Clues to a Great Story What would happen if you wanted to persuade a bunch of people to come along with you on a journey What are the two things you need to do Well you ve Constantinople and the West got to start where they are and you veot to ive them a reason to come with you Chris AndersonPresentation Prep1 Start with pad of sticky notes 2 Write trigger words 1 7 words to trigger your idea on sticky notes 3 Move the pieces around to figure out flowSpend a lot of time figuring out your Cornerstones your key messages Think about the listeners first then the POV you want to share what need to do concrete action steps what s the benefit to audience make it as individual as possible POV Your big idea the one thing you want everyone in the room to walk away with The biggest change in how you want your listeners to think about or act on your idea The ask without showing your selfish ambition highlighting why it s relevant to themhttpsdeckercomwp contentuploadsAlso search under images for some Slideshare presentationsRemember the Rule of Three Omni Trim Perfectum Everything that comes in threes is perfectStop drop and rollLif. The old standard of communication training programs USA Today shows leaders how to deliver messages that don't just inform but influence and inspire others to actionIt isn't just about the message it's about the messenger It isn.

KINDLE Communicate to Influence ì Ben Decker – freewebdesing.com

To Myst gain attention and be heard combine inspiring content with authenticity Logic makes us think but a well told story can make us feel Deliver one brief statement that sums up the entire message and provides obvious reason for the audience to do something Record yourself to see how you can improve Speak from your diaphragm not your throat All the things we should be doing focused on when connecting with others both at work and at home but aren t Areat simple roadmap to inspiration and influence Should you be really surprised A book authored by two respected internationally known communications experts delivers an excellent inspirational thoughtful and actionable book Guess what the Pope is Catholic and as for what bears do in the woodsSo this book achieved without breaking into a sweat what it sets out to teach the reader the art of communicating whereby your turn your messages of information into messages of influence At first the idea of using a communications uadrant framework to determine whether you are informing or leading sounds like hard work something overly theoretical and best suited to academia The reality is much different The authors tell you how to communicate the spoken word and you don t need to be an accomplished public speaker eitherWhy stop there As well as being a better speaker the authors believe that you will also become a better leader in your organisation a better partner in your marriage a better parent to your children and a better friend to your friends all through the art of communication and influence What is there not to like about thisThis is not one of those boastful hype filled books that seem to litter bookstores and bookshelves around the world where promises are not transformed to reality The authors deliver their advice in a fairly matter of fact direct way Hype is not needed Faith and belief are the two attributes reuired Real world examples are carefully woven into the book allowing the reader to place themselves in a The Chinese Love Pavilion given situation andet an all round view of matters and learn the winning solutionReading this book was a pleasure even if it did cause a few occasions where this reviewer felt a bit of a red face as the advice The Peloponnesian War given was a little too close to home Change is necessaryThere is not a lot to say One could wax lyrically for hundreds of words and then some about this book Only one other word is necessary BuyCommunicate to Influence written by Ben Decker Kelly Decker and published by McGraw Hill Professional ISBN 9780071839839 304 pages YYYYY I really enjoyed reading this When I started I thought it would be just another basic book thatives vague ideas but little in the way of action steps I was wrong Plenty of action steps that were clearly explained The authors also offer resources to continue to improve your communication skills particularly in public speaking Building an emotional connection with your audience is critical to inspiring action Conveying authenticity and warmth through your behaviors and your voice as well as adding emotional triggers to your content will foster this connection Using the Decker Grid to develop a well structured unscripted message will facilitate the delivery of an effective communication Great InformationBut I was falling asleep throughout most of the read Interesting at first then very VERY very repetitive And limited to certain industries the scope was not wide enough for Munications experience falls within the Communication uadrant framework Are you informing or leading If you're leading is it by authority or influence You can then tailor your communications to establish trust and drive real chan.

E liberty and the pursuit of happinessVeni vidi viciA Dolphin Confidential good opening is critical to setting the tone for your message andiving your listeners a reason to listen Keep listeners attention by bringing in a SHARP at regular points in the presentationEnd strong Make closing as memorable as possible Rules for Panels1 Look at audience invite them in with your eyes 80 percent to audience 20% to moderator2 Have fun Banter with other panelists and play off of them Smile 3 Keep your energy up when sitting down energy is lower Project your voice Use Mairis Mermaid gestures Lean forward towards audience4 Be aware of how you can distract when you are listening to other panelists You re always on5 Have some SHARPs to share Don t just share a straight or factual answer Help the audience see what you re discussingAfter every presentation look for feedback using the 3 x 3 rule What are three things to Keep Did well at What are three things to Improve The most useful and practical business book I ve read this year and I speak as an introvert Though the book focuses on business communication I find it eually relevant for teachers and parents as much as it is relevant for managers and executives This book is a comprehensive tome on the art of delivering the message years of spoken communication insight distilled and tightened into a uick 250 page read Every chapter is so uniuely informative that months after you finish the book you ll be well served by having it on your desk as a referenceAmong the foundations of this book and by extension the self described Decker Method 1 Business communication is a learned skill as opposed to a natural predisposition Good for me I m a terrible public speaker2 People at least in modern western culture respond better to being inspired into action as opposed to ordered to do things or passively informed3 It s possible to become an inspirational communicator but it takes a lot of work tooTo the third point each chapter ends with exercises that will make you uncomfortable Like taking a video of yourself speaking which I presume is 10x worse than listening to a recording of yourself A full 20% of the book is spent on having you identify nervous behaviors to purge and replacing them with sympathetic behaviors like focusing on people for 7 10 seconds at a time 5 seconds if in largeroupsEasy to write Hard to do unless practicedLike any Windchill Summer good business book there are many acronyms to help interalize the lessons unlike most business books I ve read this year there is a metaphorical silver bullet The Decker Grid but one that actually looks like it will help youet your job done You just have to define your message not wing it and practiceThis book The Shadow of Your Smile gives you the tools you need to communicate your vision with co workers peers and others throughout your organization and community It s a fantastic resource and one I would definitely recommend to others I m the logical type Here s 3 things you need to know What can be easier than that Put on your listening ears and we ll be out of here in 5 minutes I am frustrated by the need for better communication Generally speaking we have a listening problem rather than a communication problem Yes I am positive that I am right about this The problem is I can be as right as I want but thatets me nowhere If I want to The Three Worlds get my point across I need to help people be better listeners Decker Decker present a helpful way for me toet off my high horse. 't just about what you say but how you say it Communicate to Influence helps you turn your messages of information into messages of influenceUsing the trademarked Decker Method the book teaches you how to determine where your com.

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The leading business communications expert Ben bridges the gap between executive leaders and their teams As CEO of Decker Communications Inc Ben has worked with hundreds of leaders in Fortune 500 companies to create and implement communications solutions that are practical direct and attainableRenowned as a speaker’s speaker Ben regularly addresses large audiences on the importance of cre