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Lties in their relationship There is also the horrific betrayals by people the H thought cared about him The story took a long and meandering road It just seemed to take forever to finish I put it down and came back to it several times It wasn t boring per se just really drawn out The nding was pleasant and I was happy when I finally got there 45starsThis is the first book I ve read by this author mainly because of the good reviews by my GR friends and I am glad I did I thoroughly Rescuing the Texans Heart enjoyed the book It was well writtenmotional book Loved the MCs and little Amalia although Dimitri could be a jerk at timesAs I m under the weather and my GR friends have already written detailed reviews I ll only highlight what I loved most about the book I loved the heroine Anna She was sweet caring an 35 stars A slow burn second chance secret baby romance with a twist A Greek H and a heroine who s half Irish and half Vietnamese MC s who ve had to Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., endure a lifetime of parental betrayal and rejection A H who is for once not vengeful after he learns about his secret daughterIn this novel our MC s separation occurred due to the H s wrongful imprisonment for a crime he didn t commit The MC s hadn t been in a relationship when they first met Dimitri the H had been in Ireland on a short visit when he had a chance meeting and one night stand with Anna He d already known that he would have to spend the next 2 years maximum in prison when he spent the night with the heroine He d made an agreement with the FBI to spend those 2 years in jail while they worked to uncover the identity of the real culprit It seemed ratherxtreme to me Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch especially since the FBI already suspected that he was innocent but this is HPlandia so I m not gonna debate the point any If you love HP romances you have to read thisSuch a beautiful story with flawed but perfect characters and poignant moments It was deep and passionate Hot tooCompletely safe andpilogue was so sweet Recommended I didn t Un hros pour Rayne (Delta Force Heroes t. 1) expect this to be this good Lovable characters amazing story and the h s letters to the H OMG loved itExcited about sheikh Danyl story Pippa Roscoe once again shines in her third Presents Claimed for the Greek s Child is fabulous sophisticated and hot This gorgeous story hasverything to keep you hooked Scandal sexy times and riveting drama unfolds vividly through scathing dialogues and dangerously Mine to Take (Nine Circles, electrical chemistry Dimitri and Anna command the page igniting a fierce fire that never once ceased burning between them Yes these two share a history together however this fuels their headstrong fierce natures The fight for their HEA is worthvery wordHighly Recommended 45 Stars. Mitri must make Anna his wife But the only thing harder than convincing Anna to be his convenient bride is trying to ignore their red hot attracti.

Dimitri Kiriakou spent one night in an Irish bed breakfast with Anna Moore The following morning he disappeared He spent a year in jail Finally he proves his innocence and he is free He finds out Anna has a little girl his child He is determined to marry her so as to be with his daughter They take off to his Greek Island They marry but he can t open his heart and love Anna and poor Anna has now fallen in love with himEmotional and passionate love story I loved Dimitri and Anna together Their chemistry was sizzling and their HEA sweet Totally safe heroine is a virgin and they are both celibate and faithful His L.A. Cinderella even though they were apart for years PR is a new Harleuin author and I hope she writes books like thisEdited to add I can t wait for Prince Danyl s story He had a cameo here His story is titled Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikh She writes letters to him The billionaire is back And he will legitimize his secret heirFinding himself at Anna Moore s door after tracking down the mysterious beauty is the least shocking part of Dimitri Kyriakou s day Because discovering the conseuence of their one spectacular night has floored him To secure his child ruthless Dimitri must make Anna his wife But the only thing harder than convincing Anna to be his convenient bride is trying to ignore their red hot attractionLose yourself in this intense secret baby story MS Roscoe has had me turning the pages in this story with such fabulous characters we meet another of the Winners Circle Dimitri and the woman who will steal his heart Anna after a night of passion leaves them with a beautiful daughter one that takes Dimitri a few years to find out about this is one that you will not want to put downAnna Moore runs a Bed and Breakfast that was left to her and her mother but things have been really tough for Anna and when a gorgeous stranger arrives one night for a room the spark between them is too hard to ignore and Dimitri takes Anna on a passionate ride but is gone in the morning and Anna soon finds out Dimitri Kyrakiou is about to turn himself to the FBI for a crime he didn t commit The night before he s to fly to America he s in Ireland for anvent with his closets friends He decides to take a drive and is contemplating what is about to happen and how his life will drastically change He finds himself at a BB late at night and there he finds our heroine Anna Anna had her mother s name tag on so he mistook her name as Mary The two connect immediately and spend a magical night together Dimitri sneaks away during the night and begins fourteen months of imprisonmentAnna finds herself pregnant and learns what has happened to Dimitri She. The billionaire is back And he will legitimise his secret son Finding himself at Anna Moore’s door with a diamond ring is the least shocking par.

Cannot believe that he s guilty but is determined to raise her daughter without himWhen Dimitri is release from prison and claimed innocent The crime was committed by his half brother The FBI worked with Dimitri to capture the true culprit of the fraud When released from prison he had no idea he fathered a child He learns through Anna s mother Anna s mother Mary who is an alcoholic claims to be her and is blackmailing Dimitri with money for his child That is when Dimitri learns the truth that he has a daughter Amalia He is determined to take custody of his daughter because he has information about Mary not Anna believing she is unfit to be a mother to his daughterThe confrontation between the two is intense and the truth is reveal of mistaken identity Dimitri sets up Mary to go to rehab the BB to be run for a while by a sweet couple He is taking Anna and his daughter to Greece Anna thinks it s for a couple weeks but he has something A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, else in mind The two begin anmotional journey into their relationship with a lot of baggage Dimitri with his past childhood and his Father s disconnect Anna with her abandonment of her father and her mothers alcoholism Each is working through their feelings for The Baby They Both Loved each other and getting to truly knowach other as well as parenting together They have the added tension of Dimitri s family his father and step mother to deal with And then a bombshell is revealed of the true culprit wasn t his brother but his Father That shakes Dimitri s world and also his relationship with Anna But love prevails and with Anna s patience and a gift that melts Dimitri s heart love wins Anna had written letters veryday to Dimitri about Amalia s and saved them Well she had them specially delivered to Dimitri and that gift is what gave them their HEA I loved that Favorite bit the letters Loved that so much I m thinking of stealing this idea My first book by this author and it was ok The h had a one night stand with the H the night before he was arrested for financials fraud He was innocent but was kept in jail for fourteen months while the real perpetrator was caught The h found herself pregnant by a man the world thought was a criminal She gave birth and raised her daughter on her own Then one day the H showed up at her door He believed that she was attempting to blackmail him using the child she claimed was his Turns out the h s alcoholic mother sent the message and was the blackmailer However the H decided that he could not leave his child in that situation and gave the h an option to marry him or he ll take the baby from her There was lots of unresolved hurts from their childhoods that played into the difficu. T of ruthless Dimitri Kyrakiou’s day Because learning about the conseuences of their one spectacular night has floored him To secure his heir Di.

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Download online Claimed for the Greek's Child –

Pippa Roscoe writes sexy romances for Harleuin Mills & Boon and loves every happy ending in each of her books With a major coffee addiction and a mild not so secret crisp eating compulsion – she spends her days fantasising about extraordinary romances exotic locations and true love against all odds After graduating with a degree and a masters from Goldsmiths University Pippa spent four years