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Rted to the heart of Poland and to the foundation of Pope John Paul II s storyKarol Wojtyla valued the intellectual mind labored in a uarry carried images of persecution and vil in his memory and perceived history as His story through lenses ground by biblical faith p 117Pope John Paul II was key to the collapse of the European communism Pope John Paul II spent Nine Days in Poland June 2 through June 10 1979 In those days he did not speak about politics conomics or communism Instead he preached and taught a great lesson in national dignity and led a historic reclamation of national identity p 252 You are not who they say you are Permit me to remind you who you really are Reclaim that identity own the truth of it and you will find tools of resistance they cannot match p 252History architecture art and photographs intersect spirituality in this book Weigel has ven included a Polish Pronunciation guideI received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review George Weigel is best known for his book Witness to Hope the definitive biography of the late Pope John Paul II He has written many other books including Letters to a Young Catholic and Evangelical Catholicism but the Weigel s book deftly combines the story of one of my heroes with the city we both love To visit Krak w is to lear Against a preuel background to World Youth Day 2016 by a renowned author George Weigel is set the biography of a great saint I learned so much about St John Paul the II and I had not read anything about his life story before this book The black and white photos are amazing surpassed only by the color photos in the center of the book taken by George Weigel s son Stephen Weigel while Carrie Gress has provided historical notes The book has an unusual format that is linked to maps and history with a personal story as a guide City of Saints makes me want to visit Poland and see the sites mentioned in the book The reader can better understan. Llow an itinerary of sanctity while learning the story of a city” Weigel writes “Thus in what follows the story of Karol Wojtyła St John Paul II and the story of Kraków are interwoven in a chronological pilgrimage through the life of a saint that reveals at the same time the dramatic history and majestic culture of a city where.

D where St John Paul got his ideas of freedom from after being forged in Poland during World War II Very interesting Learned a lot about Pope John Paul 2 and his hometown Because I m traveling to Krakow in the spring I wanted to read a book that offered me some information about the city In this case the story of Krakow is largely background for a hagiography of John Paul II While the book fulfilled my purpose to some Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue extent by offering background about important places in Krakow it is largely intended for devout Catholics who have an unuestioning belief in JPII s holiness I would not recommend it for anyone like me a gay man lapsed who hasven a little bit of skepticism about some of the Pope s actions My The Man Without a Face eyes tended to glaze over during the passages about Christian theology I purchased the book after my trip to Krakow Poland After reading it I hope to travel to Poland again someday The childhood and life of John Paul II the Polish natives who have become saints and the geographical descriptions tell a richly woven historical account of deep faith and love I have wanted to read this book since I first heard itxisted I will be going to Krak w in 2016 for World Youth Day and so I almost purchased this book the day before I saw it available on Blogging for BooksI have been slowly reading up on Krak w in preparation for World Youth Day which is coming up I have been attempting to learn about the history of Krak w both political and cclesiastical This book definitely fits that billThis biography of Pope Saint John Paul II is told through the backdrop of the city of Krak w Poland s history is interwoven as historical places are discussed and of the arly life of Karol Wojty a before he became the Bishop of Rome is discussedI really njoyed learning about all of the places in and around Krak w which I will likely be seeing this summer Really this book is a great preparation for anyone attending World Youth Day in Krak w in 2016I don t want to say. A boy grew into a man priest a bishop and an apostle to the world”With stunning photographs by Stephen Weigel and notes on the city’s remarkable fabric by Carrie Gress City of Saints offers an in depth look at a man and a city that made an indelible impression on the life and thought of the Catholic Church and the 21st century wor.

This is a wonderful book for Catholics traveling to Krakow and the surrounding region who also want to follow in the footsteps of St John Paul II I started this book while I was in Krakow but I didn t get to visit 12 of the places mentionedresearched in this book so that has just fueled my desire to go back ven What an amazing place full of holy people who lived out the Gospel in spite of the terror surrounding them I also liked how the book wove in JP II s teachings The maps are great too a comprehensive guide for the Catholic pilgrim in Krakow One minor criticism is that some of the sentences were rather long and run on and reuired me to reread them due to the clauses in between this kind of disrupted the flow at times If you re planning a trip to Krakow or any of the other cities from JPII s childhood let Weigel be your tour guide You almost want to read it on the plane ride there to let it just sink into your pores and then make notes so that when you re there you can reference the book I wish I had this when I last went Please God I ll remember to get this for a future trip Living inside the biblical story and the story of salvation history That was the desire of Pope John Paul II according toNew York Times bestselling author George Weigel In City of Saints Weigel creates a beautiful spiritual and pictorial travelogue of Krakow the city where the twentieth century happened p 1Karol Wojtyla later Pope John Paul II moved to Krakow in 1938 and lived in Krakow for 40 years as a student actor laborer seminarian poet playwright sportsman member of the Nazi resistance priest and bishop Poland s soul had verything to do with Poland s survival in Karol Wojtyla s view Poland was a natural invasion route a battlefield in waiting p 67 Sadly Krakow became that battlefield as Jews priests and university professors were shot or shipped by rail to Dachau or Auschwitz the first concentration camp in the areaThrough beautiful photographs readers are transpo. In this beautifully illustrated spiritual travelogue New York Times bestselling author George Weigel leads readers through the historic streets of Kraków Poland introducing one of the world’s great cities through the life of one of the most influential Catholic leaders of all time“To follow Karol Wojtyła through Kraków is to fo.

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Epub Ebook City of Saints Ù George Weigel – freewebdesing.com

American author and political and social activist Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center Weigel was the Founding President of the James Madison Foundation Each summer Weigel and several other Catholic intellectuals from the United States Poland and across Europe conduct the Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society in Krakow in which they and an assortment of