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A lot of serious praying on his behalf had gone on by the time Charles finally poked his glistening head from between the thighs of his motherFrom the beginning of ebec writer Yves Beauchemin s new novel you know you re in good handsOriginally published in The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics uebec in 2004 Charles the Bold is the tale of charismatic Charles Thibodeau and his adventures growingp in MontrealBeauchemin s many previous novels have garnered him awards such as the Prix France bec and the Prix Jean Giono and comparisons to DickensIt s well earned in Charles the Bold The wealth of secondary characters and perennially bleak life Charles struggles with evoke Great Expectations albeit with the smell of the Macdonald s tobacco plant and a dash of poutineCharles is bereft of his mother at three and his shiftless father Wilfrid picks p a local waitress without missing a beat It s the beginning of a long slide of neglect and eventually abuse as Wilfrid discovers he s not cut out to raise a boyCharles on the other hand wins over children adults and stray dogs with ease getting away with nearly everything except pleasing his fatherThe disintegration of his family plays out against the background of Beyond Band of Brothers uebec life in the 1960s and 70s the funeral of Charles s mother is disrupted by Canadian soldiers during the October CrisisCharles is not without allies even when his father visits cruel and arbitrary punishments on him His loyal dog Boff his rough and ready friend Henri and the eccentric notary public Parfait Michaud take his sideHis foes include local pederast Monsieur Saint Amour the pompous and vindictive Brother Beaucage and schoolyard bully Fats Dub Beauchemin lets the reader Possibly the greatest novel published in Canada in 2004 the first in a historic seriesIt’s as if Dickens or Balzac or Rohinton Mistry had decided to write the book that summedp life in east end Montreal This is the first volume of a The Water Of Life uartet that has takenebec by storm selling over forty five thousand copies On the very first page we meet Charles Thibodeau being born It’s 1966 and the rest of Montreal is excited by the fact that a new subway system is opening but his birth is a big event

Nto the heads of his memorable characters long enough to add other perspectives without distracting from the main plotHis humour shows in his descriptions such as that of Grade 2 teacher Madame Cotruche she was married the mother of three children and had the maternal instincts of a telephone poleCharles himself has to grow p ickly than his friends His father ickly becomes a threat to his and his dog s well being so he runs away steals and plots an independent life at 10Even when delivered from his damaged home he carries the damage with him mistrustful ashamed and angry His well meaning friends can t help Charles with what is eating away at himStill as Dickens managed to find humour and small victories in the poverty ridden streets of London Beauchemin finds them in a ebec plagued by ncertainty and some truly vicious grown psCharles concocts various schemes for revenge that sometimes backfire but always blow For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up in grand styleThe seuel to Charles the Bold was published inebec last year If it lives p to the promise of the first volume Beauchemin should secure his place as one of Canada s best storytellersDavid J n Fuller is managing editor of L gberg Heimskringla the Icelandic community newspaperRepublished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition October 1 2006httpwwwwinnipegfreepresscomhist please visit my links to read my reviewca please vote if your so inclinedMy blog One of my 5 star books Read it a second time in order to proceed to book 2 in the series Beautiful language excellent 3d characters that get you emotionally involved and the setting is paliable and so real Dipped into the politics of the time Highly recommend I really. Or Charles’s parents and for their working class neighbours Sadly Charles’s mother dies when he is four her funeral interrupted by War Measures Act soldiers on the streets Soon young Charles like a younger Huck Finn is fending for himself While he adopts a stray dog Boff in turn he is taken away from his drunken violent father and becomes part of the Fafard family nearby His adventures follow thick and fast at school where he avoids becoming a teacher’s pet despite being smart in a part time

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FREE BOOKS Un temps de chien AUTHOR Yves Beauchemin –

Enjoyed this book of Charles growing p his early life The generosity of neighbours and strangers was so important to his success The book was very readableI went on to read A Very Bold Leap by Yves Beauchemin translated by Wayne Grady but once again have huge problems finding it on Goodreads It is the last of the trilogy This one I read in French It took me longer but was once again enjoyable Beauchemin has an easy writing style that is descriptive without being too much I was sorry to leave Charles in his twenties I wanted to know of his life Red the English Version Charles the Bold the dog years Book one A round of applause to the translator and my admiration to the author I shall try to read his work in French just for practice Great storyteller The first in a planned trilogy this book takes The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species us from the birth of Charles to his entry to high school Details are abundant and the style has been compared fairly to that of Dickens I found it slow in spots but the characters stayed interesting Charles loses his baby sister followed by his mother and his father is less interested in him than alcohol Charles has an affinity for dogs and they play large roles in his life He is a good natured hardworking boy with aick smile and a tendency to fairness Various people in his community take an interest in him and participate in his development I m already looking forward to the next book The story of a young boy growing The Bartender up in Montreal in the 1970 s While I found the story somewhat simple and a little improbable everything always turns out alright for Charles in the end it is an interesting perspective on Montreal and a French Canadian author to discove. Ob where he encounters a pederast and at summer camp where he establishes himself as a rebel By the end of the book he has fully earned his title Charles the Bold leavings eager to follow his further adventuresBut the real hero of this book is Montreal and its scores of memorable lively characters who leap off the page Like Gabrielle Roy in The Tin Flute Yves Beauchemin has given Tono Bungay us annforgettable portrait of life in the francophone east end with to come in this ambitious and richly rewarding sa.

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