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Ged a business deal between their two fathers but Sebastian was never home never spent much time with their son Frankie It just wasn t working Sebastian always put the family business Cattaneo Jewels before her and Frankie Here it is Christmastime and the whole Cattaneo family is athering at their chalet their first Christmas since their parents were both killed in a helicopter crash Maria didn t want to be here but she agreed because Sebastian really wanted her and Frankie here Maybe they could put their marriage back togetherCEO s Marriage Miracle by Sophie Pembroke is the third book in The Cattaneo Christmas Miracles series She joins author Scarlet Wilson Cinderella s New York Christmas and Jennifer Faye Heiress s Royal Baby Bombshell in telling the tales of the three Cattaneo siblings Sophie Pembroke has done a splendid job in this book telling the story of a failed marriage and the attempt of. Now he has until Christmas to win Maria back To prove his workaholic ways are behind him Sebastian signs a new contract complete

It may just be me this year however I m finding that some female characters demand that the men in their lives communicate and then they spend time in their OWN head wondering why the male doesn t know what they wantneedthink I really liked Sebastian even in his cluelessness Maria is sweet but it wasn t until they started to After the End go back and forth that the story worked for me I enjoyed it loved it as the conclusion to the series and was cheering for these two Great series for the holiday season I am doing this for Frankie s sake He shouldet to spend time with his father He will enjoy this Christmas holiday Me not so much These are the thoughts in the mind of Maria Cattaneo as she is about to knock on the door of the Cattaneo s chalet in Mont Coer the chalet of her soon to be ex husband Sebastian Maria left Sebastian nearly a year earlier when she just couldn t take it any Yes their marriage was arran. In this The Cattaneos' Christmas Miracles story Sebastian's reatest mistake was watching his wife walk away with their young child.

Kindle Ceos Marriage Miracle –

Two people who must overcome their pasts to start a new beginning This story embraces the spirit of Christmas with lots of holiday cheer even amongst the ups and downs of Maria s and Sebastian s endeavors to find happiness Little two year old Frankie steals the show exhibiting the magical wonder in the joys and activities of the season to the delight of not only his parents but his aunts and uncles too I found this book to be a super Christmas romance story Miniseries The Cattaneos Christmas Miracles The lyrical vivid prose in Sophie Pembroke s fabulous Harleuin Romance titled CEO s Marriage Miracle will sweep you off your feet from page one The storyline is fresh enuine and fast paced and the characters are realistic engaging and likable I was whisked off on a beautiful romance where two deeply motivated individuals defied all odds to claim their satisfying and fulfilling HEAHighly Recommended45. Ith date night clauses and family time amendments Will it be enough to et this CEO back with his family for Christmas and for ever.

Sophie Pembroke writes very British romances for Orion Mills & Boon Harleuin Romance Avon and H She has been dreaming reading and writing romance ever since she read her first Mills & Boon as part of her English Literature degree at Lancaster University so getting to write romantic fiction for a living really is a dream come trueShe lives in a little English market town with her scientis