Books online Breaking the Sheikh's Rules Author Abby Green –

Books online Breaking the Sheikh's Rules Author Abby Green –

3 12 stars Decent story but the hero was a little too mean for my tastes I needed to see them happy together in the story not just at the end when he suddenly decided he could love her The hero was unnecessarily mean and horrible just because he could be the heroine wasnot much better either Iseult wasn t a complete mouse but she didn t have much of a spine either I didn t enjoy the characters or the story Besides i didn t buy the love or the lust between them If i was in lust with someone who said such horrible things at the slightest rovocation I d fall right back out of lust with them uicker than you could say Jack Daniels The Ornament (Ornament, plus it just didn t add up there was nothing there and all the talk of the dead wife also did not fit well into the story it s as if the author was trying to drum up sympathy for the hero or something but from what she tells us the dead wife was just as great as Iseult so why couldn t he love her but loved iseult i just didn t get it And anyway the hero was just mean too mean nothing enjoyable about this one Love a uick read that is outside my general scope This was one that I couldn tut down until it was finished with the action and romance There was no suspense or villainsjust a clean read about a ma. The huge imposing castle and the barren terrain of Merkazad are a far cry from the modest farm and the emerald fields that horsewoman Iseult calls home Or used to.

N a woman and horses But the romance heated things up when you reached the middle of the book and until then it was a buildup of sexual frustration and a headstrong female with a male who wasn t use to being uestioned You ll laugh at some of the antics and fan yourself over the steamy kisses that only get hotter I know uite a few reviewers didn t like Nadim due to the way spoke to Iseult and didn t like her much either as she was a mouse but I actually think this ramped the angst side of the story and gave us a typical Presents story that eventually led to a happy ending This was readable but not a lot I felt like the author honed it in everything from lot to Rant phrasing was so familiar and the writing was kind of sloppy especially around transitions And the hero Nadim was just annoying constantly yelling at the heroine for causing trouble when she s just trying to live her life Iseult was a appealing character with aassion for horses and low self esteem issues she deserved a better hero and a interesting book 35 stars So much talk about horses and descriptions I was bored Her writing style is really bad sometimes Very emotional story of a tomboy horse trainer and the sheikh that broke through her defenses only to reject he. Until Sheikh Nadim bought her family's stud farm As art of the deal she must work at his royal stablesNadim enrages Iseultbut he also inspires a unwelcome unfamil.

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R I was not swept up into this romance and I lace all of the blame firmly at the feet of the grim hero He is so far from my ideal mate that I could not buy into this love story He never shows tenderness toward the heroine and their courtship was non existent Instead Nadim spent most of the first half of the book yelling at Iseult or browbeating her It s hard for me to be won over by a guy who intimidates the heroine most of the book I enjoyed this one I think it was a little better than Nessa and Luc s story I was surprised at some of the negative views about Nadim I mean they are correct as he is high handed and not always nice to the heroine but isn t that essential to the trope Harsh and tortured hero redeeemd by true love Nadim is no different from Challenged to Win practically every other hero who exists in the fictional world of the Middle East as viewed through a Mills and Boonrism I actually enjoyed Nadim and found him to be a Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons perfect alpha hero Iseult was a sweetassionate and feisty heroine and their love story was really rather well done Lots of sexual tension and then some really hot sex and a nicely developed happy ending I think that there are other authors who write exciting sheikh romances but this was really rather well done. Iar feeling desire Drawn into Nadim's sensual world Iseult feels like a beautiful confident woman for the first timeBut she must remember the sheikh's cast iron ru.

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