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BOOK DOWNLOAD BodyguardHusband Author Mallory Kane –

Favorite stories of all time I first read it YEARS ago lost the paperback somehow but the story stayed in my ead By sheer luck I stumbled upon it online and I am SO appy I didI LOVE these kinds of stories Two strangers pretending to be married but then feelings develop between them While their attraction to each other is instant in spite of the surrounding dire circumstances the tension that exists between them that they try to ignore is SO awesome to read Mallory really did a great job introducing and developing that tension in a way that REALLY eld my attention Also the emotions that Mallory portrayed through Holly and Jack were so well doneHolly is being tormented by a stalker and Mallory keeps introducing characters that could be suspects but the mystery she kept alive with regard to whodunnit was fantastic I didn t remember who the stalker was from when I first read the book and I was SURE I ad figured it out but I was VERY wrongThe major conflict towards the end is SO suspenseful The imagery Mallory used to describe the settings and what Holly and Jack were experiencing was phenomenalI just fell in love with this book all over again I thoroughly enjoyed this booked Loved the characters and the story left me wanting Good read 35 out of O protect er at all costs Within Jack's arms Holly found a safe Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet haven and inis bed exuisite passion But could Jack discover er deadly admirer's identity before the stalker intervened and destroyed their chances at forever.

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Talkers usually turn out to be is madness wasn t overly done and the intelligence Archies Americana, Vol. 1 he displayed through out the book was maintainede didn t get stupid all of a sudden I enjoyed this book a lot and the mysterysuspense was really good it lacked a few things The Book Thief here and there but overall it was a very good read with lovable characters Good basic murder mystery I ve come to discover at age 54 that my fantasy man is this Jack in this book Strong someone to rely on and protect me yet able to break throughis past and open up If chuckles sighs and flat out laughs are your thing then this romance is for you Why do I do this to myself and others This is not a genre I like but I keep reading them in the Talk to Me hopes that the next one will be goodAlso if I ever write a book no matter what genre or topic I want toave a phrase like the following Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, his tongue lightly touched the surprisingly sensitive place just behinder ear pg 115 See I really did read it I love this stock phrase It always appears in these novels Is it really a surprise if it is in so many of these stories I Educating for the New World Order hope that I write a statistics textbook in the future and can find a way to work that phrase into it maybe in a word problem HOT tension intriguing mystery an amazing endingThis is one of my. E threats thate was always nearbyWith Holly's life in jeopardy tough as nails Jack O'Hara was the only person she could trust To flush out the stalker she agreed to a fake marriage with the sexy FBI operative who promised

The characters Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock had depth and the mystery was really good it kept me guessing till the end Jack s character was drawn out beautifullyis struggles and feelings were real e as a reason for everything Mr. Malcolms List he does and even for every doubte as e s a strong man who Just One Golden Kiss has aard time allowing The Tyranny of Guilt himself to feel attached towards anyone and for very good reasons I came to admireim as a person and that included both Phantom Encounters his strengths and weaknesses Holly was a strongeroine who insisted on maintaining control of Eat Your Way Through the USA her life she s the kind of person who sees the good in people not in a naive way but in a way that shows kindness and understanding she gives everyone a chance and treats people with compassion and loveThe attraction between Jack and Holly was a little on the subtle side you don t exactly feel the chemistry burning but you can feel something special between them it took a very long time before Jack finally opened up to Holly and gaveimself the chance to love but it was worth it the time spent on the struggles was necessarily long but the time spent on their relationship once they got into one was a little too short it wasn t enough I absolutely loved the choice of the villain it s surprising yet makes complete sense My Dirty Janitor Book 4 his character wasn t lame as most Someone Was Watching HerAnd leavinger disturbing poems and Stories from Spain / Historias de España handwritten notes signed Forever Yours The man entered Holly Frasier'souse silently taking Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos her most cherished personal possessions and tauntinger with the subtl.

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