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But after reading his story I nderstood him better and got to like himAlthough it was a short story it was a very well written oneThe reason why I gave this book 4 stars it s because I liked it not love it With that being said this was the first book that I read by this author I m looking forward to reading of Tia Siren books in the future Big Bad Professor is the story of a 22yr old virgin who falls for her 43yr old English Professor who had a drinking problem and his life is basically in the toilet This book had a solid plot and likeable characters but I felt like the author let the sexual relationship take over the whole book I The Year of Living Biblically understand that this is a romance novel and most people read them because they enjoy the steamy relationships and the fantasy that comes with them However I felt like this particular story was a bit outlandish and over the top There where things I liked about this book such as the circumstances that brought then together the fact that she is young and experienced and he is older and the HEA there are things I didn t like about the book as well like the fact that she was treating her virginity like it s a condition that needed to be fixed I didn t like some of the supporting characters and at times the overse of some phrases I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book and am so glad I did because it was the first time reading this authors work and I was very happy with it The characters were real except maybe her roommate and the taboo romance of Professor and student was only intensified because she s a virgin The storyline is setup so Audrey will be offered help from her Professor in losing her virginity and I liked that Professor Chase Hollander was in need of help in his life too I won t tell you what help that will ruin it for you lolMy only complaint is I wish the book was longer I wish Ms Siren had extended EVERYTHING so her book would have been complete I felt the same way with the other ARC book I read of hers except that book Big Bad Royal is a definite 5 star I really enjoyed this steamy erotic studentprofessor storyit was a ick read with very likable characters Chase and Audrey who were both to bold for their own goodProfessor Chase really done it this time when he gave everyone a big F grade he especially pissed off Audrey who tried her best at college and she is the one of the good studentsso what will happen after that well for some really weird and ironic coincidence he will learn that she is a virginso. Ross lol Now everyone knows I’m a virgin even Chase Hollander He just private messaged me and offered to help me with my little virginity problem He’s going to make me come he says and this time he’ll make sure I get an A CHASE HOLLANDER Yeah My class is hard I know the students hate me for it The little bastards want to complain I’ll show them what hard really is Fck it I don’t care about the conseuences.

Epub Online Big Bad Professor Ð Tia Siren – freewebdesing.com

If she wants a Big A in S lesson she will have to loosen p a littleChase has a painful past so his personality is not the cheerful one that will change when Audrey will become a part of his life she is stubborn and well as you will see she has a sexy kitten inside of herthey have a great chemistry and i liked them as a couple even for a few pagesMany hot scenes and fun enjoyable dialogues definitely a story that will leave you with a sweet smile in the end with its plot and of course with its HEA So yeah i definitely recommend it an i m looking forward to the next story the author will create I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookAlright wellThis was not good I meanthe blurb itself makes me mad I m getting mad all over again reading it for this post You re going to give everyone an F Really So you re just going to punish the hard workers too That doesn t make you a good professor Then he s going to complain that his students are complaining What did you think would happen That they would instantly turn into hard workers Oh my goat I need to move onThis is another one for the DNF pile I swear it s like different authors wrote the books I ve readFirst off the cover actually makes me feel awkward Either nix the glasses or put him in a white button down with the sleeves rolled pThen there s the blurb Honestly I found it a bit creepy I mean she s outed as a Audrey Ross a virgin college student was waiting nervously for her grade in English Literature which was supposed to be posted by her professor Chase Hollander The professor was a smoking and drinking mess He had been an excellent teacher p For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde until his little girl was killed in a head on collision when was driving A couple of years after the child s death his wife gavep on him and left Pro Hollander in his drunken stupor gave F s to the entire class The class after seeing their grades began to rant Audrey s BF s boyfriend posted on the school s FaceSpace that Audrey was a virgin And as will happen on social media the rant went from the grades to Audrey s virginity What happens next is both funny and sad A great read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book I wasn t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by this story Audrey was a virgin but didn t want to be Chase was in a very dark place and just needed someone to help him out of it It started out as just sex but they were good for each other in other ways too This was a short sexy read with some feels. Hell at this point I don’t have much left to lose So I gave the whole class an F Then they start bitching about me on FaceSpace But it got interesting Audrey Ross the only girl in the class who gives a shit about her grades is outed as a virgin She complains that I gave her an F I’ll give the virgin the biggest O she’s ever had This is a sexy stand alone with a guaranteed HEA Tia Siren Spoil the bad girl in

I am pretty sure that this is one of my Bookbub buys because it came p as Free at the time and it sounded intriguingThe blurb above really tells the story There is approximately a twenty year difference between the characters and Chase has had a drink and cigarette problem for the last two years and it is a morning after a bender that he realises what he has done with the classes grades An instant message later with a horny student later and the are both naked in his houseThe book goes very ickly and we get a good positive outlook at the end with all characters concerned in happy places The title story here is NOT a book at best it s a short story and took The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species up less than 10% of the kindle file The other 90% was bonus content or what I consider rackingp page count to get paid The Bartender under Kindle Unlimited since I actually paid for the story it feels like a rip off I paid 99 cents for 30 minutes of poorly written material By poorly written I mean the following A bad setp The two main characters don t have enough interaction prior to anything to make a relationship be believable Unrelatable characters The female MC is made out to be a cheater and willing to prostitute herself for grades The male lead is a drunk and a jerk Sexy times are overly graphic and several descriptions are just gross I picked this Tono Bungay up because the premise with it s forbidden element was intriguing Had there been some buildp or back story this could have been an entertaining read but as it s written it s not material I could encourage anyone else to pick Magical Sweet Mermaid up I voluntarily received an Advance Reader Copy of this bookIt was shorter than I normally read but I loved it nonetheless Perhaps it resonated with me because I m currently pursuing a PhD and I have some professors who are pretty darn hot myself My onlyip with the book is that it seemed like Audrey Ross the heroine fell in love with Chase Hollander her professor too fast however that could be due to a number of factors such as he s her first it s her personality to want to heal or save the wounded etc While it detracted from the story it wasn t enough to lower the rating by than one star The sex scenes were well written and HOT I would recommend this book The ending had me tearing The Choice up a bit fair warning Short story but goodI voluntarily read an Advanced Readers Copy of this bookWhen I first started reading this book I really really wanted to hate Professor Hollander he is an mean because he gave all his students an F just cause he wanted too. Who better to teach me all about sex than a big bad professor AUDREY ROSS Professor Hollander gave me an F What the hell I work my ass off to get good grades Even if he is as sexy as hell I’d never suckp to him or even suck him off for an A But then it turns out he gave everyone an F and we all started venting on FaceSpace Then someone posted this Hollander couldn’t even teach a virgin how to come Right Audrey.

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