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Hite as opposed to full color Not sure which I prefer One definitely gets a better sense of the late Wrightson s elaborate line work in B W but I ve always loved the grainy look of old school color comicsAnd here s how the newly colorized version looks in Dark Horse s Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson The copy Goodreads supplies is deceptive Wrightson s career began 10 15 years after EC Comics He was published in the fan press then NationalDC Comics Warren and Marvel while in the 1970s and 1980s he was part of The Studio and advanced into book illustration with great versions of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and works by Stephen KingWrightson is a master of comics storytelling illustration and horror I bought each issue of this reprint series pon publication and wish I still had them Pacific Comics went bust then Eclipse Comics completed projects like these and much later Eclipse went bust Perhaps a fine publisher will bring this back to print A great collection of earlier works from Bernie Wrightson truly the real Master of the Macabr. Luckily Pacific Comics brought back their flavor in the work of Bernie Wrightson one of the great masters of horror in this fantastic series So read if you dare but make sure you leave a light on You never know who’s lurking out there in the dar.

Masters of Horror season 1 episode 4JenniferI came of this graphic novel for Jennifer which was only 10 pages out of it They were 10 very powerful pages These were some pretty graphic graphic novels dealing with sex and desire and the nature of both This is not a graphic novel for the faint of heart A great collection of older Wrightson shorts from various sources My only The Sister Swap uibble is with theneven colouring job done on theseI m a sucker for anything Wrightson having fallen deeply in love with his linework the first time I picked p that Swamp Thing collection of the first three issues he did with Len Wein Since then I ve gone out of my way to collect anything that has his work with my favourite being his illustrations that accompany Mary Shelley s text in the illustrated Frankenstein bookI must say I do prefer Wrightson s stories in this collection when he was both writing and illustrating Second would be the wonderful Poe and Lovecraft adaptations he did Well worth your time Showcase of this legendary artist s co creator of Swamp Th. 5 Issue SeriesTurn your mind back to the 1950s Eisenhower was in the White House the Cold War was just beginning and the great EC Comics terrified children everywhere with its brilliantly gruesome horror comics Before the Comics Code Authority dic.

READ Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre AUTHOR Bernie Wrightson – freewebdesing.com

Ing short horror comics from the late 60s early 70s originally printed in pulp publications like Creepy and Eerie In the vein of EC and other dark pre code horror comics but a bit graphicdisturbing It s modern still very pulpy Jenifer is a classic original story same with The Muck Monster But there are dark covers of classics too Lovecraft s Cool Air Irving s Legend of Sleepy Hollow Poe s The Black Cat This will get you in a Halloween vibe for sure A collection a few of Wrightson s short comic stories They re all ite good Excellent art derivative but effective stories The intro talks about how these stories were written while the artist was having fun and it does come off that way they re not overly serious not silly though I found myself enjoying the read Most of the stories are from the early 70s I think It s fabulous artwork especially considering most comic art from that time Most or all of the stories in this 5 issue series have been reprinted in various volumes of Eerie Archives and Creepy Archives though The Tycoons Blackmailed Mistress (Australian Millionaires usually in black and Tated what could and could not be shown in comic books the genre was filled with ax murderers alien monsters and some of the best horrorscience fiction stories ever pennedUnfortunately most ofs were born too late to catch the original EC comics.

Artist known for his horror illustrations and comic books