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H It was very interesting and like giving You an idea what and where is occurring but no actual research was given Book is built up on the conversations he had in different countries with additional reading ideashistory notes but they weren t actually strategically built up interviews which gives You information You can make conclusions on only assumptions It was very interesting reading but I probably would not see any paper that I would cite it on because it ust did not make me feel to be credible enough It reminded me like Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market journalist put his most interesting small talk conversations together into one book without actually taking advantage of the informationpossibility to interview these people at that time But again I really did enjoy reading the book as I had no previous information regarding the subject so to sum up if You are looking academical research about prostitution in Middle East don t waste Your time but if You are lookingust introduction to the subject go ahead and enjoy Eh Bradley seems to have a tremendous amount of contempt for women and really hates feminists which often skews his research and conclusions His sources are often unreliable and certainly not scholarly by any stretch of the imagination He actually spends the first few chapters decrying statistics of sex trafficking claiming it is all exaggerated by feminists His evidence A guy in a bar in Syria told him so I decided to give the book two stars instead of one because in spite of his insipid tone and snark I did learn some things about the Middle East Next time however I believe I will stick with someone who has conducted actual researc. E thriving sex industry in the Persian Gulf; and how despite widespread denial homosexuality is still deeply ingrained in the region's social fabric Richly detailed and nuanced Behind the Veil of Vice sheds light on a taboo subject and unravels widely held myths about the region In the process Bradley also delivers an important message about our own society’s contradictions.

An interesting read that offers a point of view rarely heard in western media Intriguing and well written look at one of the most misunderstood topics Pierces the media driven myths and shows that outsider do gooders such as feminists homosexual activists and various NGO s do much harm than good and how their interests even intersect with those of fund As in his book on Saudi Arabia Bradley demonstrates here a rare combination of first hand experience historical context and Pilgrim Snail journalistic wherewithal that opens a lens into the usually hidden Muslim world His singular focus on prostitution and its close cousins such as temporary marriage however disappointingly narrows the field of view For example he skips over the entire realm of sexual culture that is not for sale coming of age infiltration of Western or Egyptian television and movies with liberal sexual attitudes etc He also dulls his insight by harping too many times on published allegations that prostitution in the Middle East necessarily involves trafficking in children or other slavery rather than the perhaps unfortunate economic choices of adult women He is probably correct but it is an argument that only needs to be made once I hope in his next book Bradley can shine his special light on a wider spectrum of the hidden Middle East Bradely is unafraid to be decisively opinionated about controversial topics but backs every statement up with well researched material and a kind very humanournalistic voice The subject matter of sex politics religion and hypocrisy is deftly batted between the Western and Arabic worldIf only the cover wasn t a perfect example of The Middle East has long been something of a mystery to Westerners and in particular the sexual s of the region continue to fascinate Arabs are often described as being in a state of Islam induced sexual anxiety and young Muslims’ frustrations are said to be exacerbated by increasing exposure to the licentiousness of the West Here Middle East expert John R Bradley sets out.

He Exotic Other a poster perfect example of Said s orientalism I worried that people thought I was reading a Harleuin Romance novel about a widowed sultan and his lovelorn au pair Written by a seasoned ournalist and correspondent Beyond the Veil of Vice provides excellent insights into a culture many Westerners do not understand I highly recommend this reflective and unflinching book for anyone interested in the role of women in the Middle East Not nearly as tawdry as the covertitle wants you to think this is mostly a well reasoned book about the inevitability of prostitution and how different countries in the Arab World deal with it Suitably skeptical of human trafficking panic But veered weird in the last chapter when it dealt with homosexuality and rent boys an issue clearly dear to the author s heart I bought about half of his argument that Mid East attitudes toward gay sex and identity are better than Western ones but then ust got creeped out by the stridency of his writing It was also published in 2010 meaning all the political analysis has been revealed as wrong That actually made it interesting to be reminded how everything we believe to be true Tunisia is heaven especially can be upended overnight If I consider the fact that I read the book through in 3 days I should say it was interesting and easy reading It was my first book subject on prostitution in Middle East so being easy to read was very welcoming Disadvantage was that time has passed and the situations in these countries are definitely not the same any I definitely expect analytical and strategically built research from the next book I read thoug. To uncover the truth about sex in countries like Egypt Syria Morocco and Yemen  Among many startling revelations Bradley reports on how temporary Islamic marriages allow for illicit sex in the theocracies of Iran and Saudi Arabia; child brides that are sold off to older Arab men according to ancient tribal traditions; the hypocrisy that undermines publicized crackdowns on th.

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Behind the Veil of Vice The Business and Culture of Sex in the Middle East ´ READ AUTHOR John R. Bradley – freewebdesing.com

John R Bradley A British reporter was born in 1970 Established in the Middle East in the period between 1998 and 2010 Bradley speaks Arabic fluently and wrote four books dealing with the situation in the region and are based largely on the personal experience Among these books «in the heart of Egypt Land of the Pharaohs on the brink of revolution» which was published for the first time in