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God what beautiful sad heavy poetry CWs child abuse discussion of racism This was an excellent poetry book It was refreshing to read a voice like Collins He has an experimental approach to writing that is young and resh The book s theme was grief and the power it has over us There were many touching passages throughout the book but the one that made me cry was the last one Incredible book to have in your collection if you are a lover of poetry Bravo Donte Collins You have a great gift. Wowed audiences Autopsy propels that work onto the national stage In the words of the author the book is a spring thaw the new life alongside the old the good cry and the release aft.

N a coffee shopwherever and plopped right down beside you is grief and you re going to experience it through and through rom all angles I can t even wrap my head around having to live through the stories told in this collection So many ended off in ways that made me gasp or air I had no idea that at some point I began to hold my breath It was so so so heartbreakingly beautiful I am a sucker Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, for love poems but poetry is so much than that and this collection was definitely a reminderor me. He reader journeys alongside the author through grief and healing Named the Most Promising Young Poet in the country by the Academy of American Poets Collins's work has consistently.

This Is Fucking Good Put down milk honey Put down the sun and her bullshit Pick this up And then cry Damn Donte Collins The little collection of poetry had my heart You Are Not A Gadget full of emotions God did a lot of them break my heart while aew also pissed me off Sanctuary for good reason The biggest theme in this collection is grief I struggle at times with books about grief because sometimes the authors try a little bit too hardor my liking And at times it seems ake With Autopsy you are sitting on a couch Written after the death of his mother Donte Collins's Autopsy establishes the poet as one of the most important voices in the next generation of American poetry As the book unfolds

Kindle Ebook Autopsy author Donte Collins –

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