Free Ebook Arsenal d20 System Weapons Guide and Sourcebook –

Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology Arthur C Clark In any sword and sorcery world such a hypothesis is well within the realm of possibility a possibility that ARSENAL helps you explore Between these covers you will find hundreds of scientifically advanced magic items with a technological slant Using them you can · Arm bug hunting colonial marines of a star faring society · Supply cybernetic agents with the tools they need to thwart the megacorps · Support the modern battlefields wit.

L firearms from the arcane blaster pistol to the divine vindicator autocannon modifiable by 11 special abilities and 10 accessories · 8 different types of advanced magical armor · 36 special abilities for armor · 12 specific suits of armor from Blisskin designer gowns to the divine Paragon Battle Suit · Over 100 different types of grenades explosives launchers missiles and rockets · 2 gun oriented prestige classes · Combat rules options additions and suggestions for maximizing your lethality with the new euipmen.

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H assault rifles and submachine guns · Litter the apocalyptic wastelands with the dilapidated antiues of a preeminent past · Tempt medieval warriors with antediluvian relics of astonishing power · Provide that one remaining isolated pocket of an ancient civilization with the means to defend itself against the hordes of primitive adventurers seeking to despoil it Don't bring a longsword to a gunfight Bring an incinerator Technomagic Arsenal intensifies your d20 campaign with the following euipment · Over 200 magica.

Free Ebook Arsenal d20 System Weapons Guide and Sourcebook –

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