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Bent a little tediousI would still recommend it to anyone who reads the Sharpe Cornwell type books I ve tried reading Allan Mallinson s output before which is why this one was relegated to a bog bookIt sure looks xciting from the front cover doesn t it Cor sojers fightin an adventure Well the covers the best bit Come on now that can t be right Mr D surely Well it is and to coin a phrase I ll tell you whyYou see this isn t Sharpe No Or Student Research Projects in Calculus even Lausard This is the topnd of the British army I have no doubt that this book recreates the pomposity snobbery and tactical incompetence associated with this period accurately but oh gawd is it boring It takes ages to get going and when it does I found myself not giving a damnIt s not ven Napoleonic Well not technically it s a decade after it was all over and based on flashbacks to the siege of Badajoz which Cornwell has already. S Peninsular Army He and the Sixth had survived Corunna to ndure three years of brutal fighting that would culminate in one of the most vital and vicious confrontations of the campaign the siege of BadajozWhile Hervey paces his prison.

For me 3 starts means a readable book Not a classicnot something that I think school children will be forced to read in 100 years but neverthless Love for Imperfect Things enjoyable Mostxcellent Matthew Hervey s luck in his career continues to hold but his personal life is a bit of a wreck and it s very interesting I A Heart of Stone enjoyed this book mainly for the detail of life in the 6th light dragoons I assume it is part of a series but I have not seen prior or latter books uitenjoyed this one but can t help think that Mallinson regretted setting the first of the series at Waterloo so that Hervey s adventures in the Peninsula campaign had to be told as flashbacks in this story I do think his hero is a bit wet compared to Sharpe or Captain Aubrey though I njoyed the boys comic adventure and battles content but although I carried on and read the whole series of books I found his obvious religious. Badajoz Christmas 1826 Matthew Hervey of the 6th Light Dragoons is a prisoner of the Spanish incarcerated in the infamous fortress of BadajozAs he plans his scape his thoughts return to the year 1812 when he was a cornet in Wellington'.

Done with aplomb and the relatively obscure civil war spilling over and around the PortugeseSpanish borderDull as ditchwater Major Hervey isn t a particualry likeable character anyway and this Language and Linguistics effort doesn t improve that He s a smartarse soldier and a sycophant I found myself wishing they d have left him in Badajoz and thrown away the keyIt drones on and on bringing inven ghastly titled characters which you all hope get massacred Maybe I m being harsh though Or maybe spoilt on a diet of Cornwell Scarrow and Igguldsen You make your own mind up If you like a stuffed shirt hero dull prose waffling on and on about teeth itchingly military regulations and minutae then fine If you want a rollocking good read with action and Divertimento excitement then perm any one whatever happened to the pools from Cornwell Scarrow both Igguldsen Howard Kilworth Napier Mercer Flint or Shaara Good. Cell and re lives the bloodshed of battles past friends fromxpected uarters rush to his aid 'As good on the details of the workings of a cavalry regiment in 1820 as ver Patrick O'Brian was on the workings of an 1820 warship' Spectato.

( EPUB An Act of Courage ) ¾ Allan Mallinson – freewebdesing.com

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Brigadier Allan Lawrence Mallinson is an English author and was an officer in the British ArmyMallinson is best known for writing a series of novels chronicling the fictional life of Matthew Hervey an officer serving in the fictional British 6th Light Dragoons from the late Napoleonic Wars through subseuent colonial conflicts in India North America and south Africa