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If you can t take constructive criticism you will never improve He has very good story ideas and he s a decent writer As I said in my review f Breakthrough he could be a very good writer if he d Asesinato en una Lavandería China (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro only put his ego aside and GET AN EDITOR He should realize that the glaring errors in his books takes the reader rightut f the story and all they can think about is that bviously the US Mint falls under the Treasury Department not the State Department as he so emphatically states in Ok ne f the reviews got me What in the world is Bazes looking for I took a chance Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) on this book and was disappointed There were elementsf this book which I found fun and intriguing but by the second half Boarding House of Hunks of the read I found myself just wanting to finish the book not a good reaction for a reader The plot meandered without much purpose at times and the big reveal felt like an eye roll too grandiose while also managing to be too predictable Somef the characters had potential but were not developed Additionally just as the plot seems to move along the author introduces another minor character for no particular reason and then discards the same character after a mere chapter r two Finally some f the details at least those Bec (The Demonata, of the military variety were so blatantly inaccurate as to thoroughly distract from the reading My biggest problem with these inaccuracies is that even a simple Wikipedia search would have likely given the author correct information that could have helped improve the authenticityf those moments Ultimately I am disappointed that the potential The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins of this story was never realized I havene uestion for Mr Grumley WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT I will be brutal n this ne it absolutely was the worst book I have put myself through this year the plot was unrealistic the characters were stoic there was no answers to so many uestions about the six year ld girl Rah Baxter ends up in the care f a new and inexperienced social worker with problems f her wn But when Christine Rose and Sarah both get thrown into a terrifyin.

What The Blippity BlankBilled as a Dan Brown esue mystery with a supernatural flair this book is a complete mess Characters come and go without any reason for the reader to care Seemingly interesting set pieces are mysteriously introduced in a certainly Brown esue style Our Planet: Our Home only to never be mentioned again The relationships are improbable the action is stilted the villains are either bland cutoutsr mustache twirling buffoons and huge sections Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 of side material read like blog postsn topics that interested the author eg computer viruses the crew size and configuration f a Boeing 757 etcReally it worked like this10% in Wow this DOES feel like Dan Brown30% in Very mysterious50% in Still pretty mysterious70% in There s no way that any payoff can match this build up80% in Really90% in I want to give up but I m so closeCompleted I m glad I nly paid 099 for this This is Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings onef the worst books I ve ever read I am legitimately upset for the time I wasted reading it and I wish I could have forced myself to abandon the story The story is a cheap interpretation f Christianity and a novice attempt at conspiracy theory The plot had many holes the characters were under developed and the dialogue was cheesy at best Do not recommend Amid the ShadowsWhat an AWESOME book this isI give it the highest rating possibleThe storyline was strong scary but at the same time sweet had religious vertones woven throughout positive and negative each f the characters were very well written very cool elite special forces who kicks some serious ss I read this book in a little ver five hoursno daily walk for meI could NOT put it down The main character Sarah got my heart I wonder if t This author frustrates me because he is letting his ego hold him back He doesn t think he needs an editor and though he invites readers to post reviews he nly pays attention to the good nes. A six year ld girl is born with an unimaginable gift One person wants to extinguish it Another wants to protect it After her mother is violently murdered young Sa.

Er gift she hadEvery Chapter in this book was ver written really some A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) of the stuff was like WHATS THAT GOT TO DO WITH IT I kept asking myself It was like an apocalyptic read rather than what the blurb hadn the book descriptionOn ne hand there was a good thing about this book THE END enough said I m not sure if this ne deserves two r three stars The premise is interesting although if I had known what it was about I probably wouldn t have picked it up in the first place the description f the book is woefully inadeuate to the storyStill the world was interesting and the foundational ideas In the End of it are generally uplifting in a Christian God s lookingut for us even though it seems like he isn t sort f way I appreciated the concept that the Bible s meaning has been lost to interpretation and some f the ther ideasStill it s the execution that leaves some to be desired The story tears n uickly but in a way that seems to leave very little chance for anything terribly unexpected to happen There were no powerful twists and although characters died I I really enjoyed itThe classic battle between good and evil The story blends the spritual and supernatural highlighting the concept f the fallen angel and the manipulation f technology n a global scale in an attempt to trigger the final annihilation Some great books take a while to grab you reel you in This book is not ne f those this ne latches The Age of Treachery on to you from the get go and takes you for a thrill ride I enjoyed this book immensely I had a hard time putting it down after all I do need to sleep This book I was always eager to read the author tantalizes you with enough suspense intrigue drama with a supernatural twist to make you keepn reading It s like The Bourne Identity meets Stephen King Grumley is a talented author if he keeps putting ut books like these he will have to uit his day job. G conspiracy Christine discovers that someone will stop at nothing to rid the world f Sarah's ability Now the nly thing that really matters is keeping Sarah aliv.

Online book Amid the Shadows BY Michael C. Grumley –

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Michael C Grumley is the author of the best selling BREAKTHROUGH series with over one million books sold to date He lives in Northern California with his two young daughters He’s an avid reader runner and most of all father He dotes on his girls every chance he getsHe is currently working on the next Breakthrough book