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Using feminist and womanist theory Simone Alexander takes as her main point f analysis literary works that focus The Wallflower's Revenge on the black female body as the physical and metaphorical sitef migration She shows that ver time black women have used their bodily presence to complicate and challenge a migratory process ften forced upon them by men r patr.

Iarchal societyThrough in depth study f selective texts by Audre Lorde Edwidge Danticat Maryse Conde and Grace Nichols Alexander challenges the stereotypes ascribed to black female sexuality subverting its assumed definition as diseased passive Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World or docile She also addresses issuesf embodiment as she analyses how women's bodies are read and.

Book Read African Diasporic Womens Narratives –

Seen; how bodies perform and are performed upon; how they challenge and disrupt normative standardsA multifaceted contribution to studies f gender race sexuality and disability issues African Diasporic Women's Narratives engages with a range f issues as it grapples with the complex interconnectedness f geography citizenship and nationalism.