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Kindle Ebook Past Revenge ´ Carole Mortimer –

Not believe he was worthy of the heroine He didn t do anything to eally edeem himself except stalk her His shabby attitude towards women was pervasive all the way through the book She had way too much integrity to ever love someone like him I hated the hero with passion She eally REALLY should have tossed himHe s a guy who uses the services of a prostituteNOTHING edeemable about himAny hero who uses paid sex service is basically dead to meNow the heroine WASNT a prostitute is besides the pointHE DIDNT KNOW THAT He also paid her thinking she s oneI will NOT marrytake back a guy like that even if the world peace depended on itSTDs are the least of the concernsHowever 4 star Heroine gives EVERYTHING back to him including paying him for services enderedI would have loved it if the novel ended hereWish this was a psycho thriller so heroine could legit toss him Re A Past Revenge Revenge one of the pillars of the HP universe Fully one third of the entirety of HPlandia would disappear if it weren t for the persistence of this trope whether it is the H getting evenge on the h or vice versa one thing is for sure HPlandia has spawned some of the best evenge inspired emo drama in all of Romance The master of the evenge trope is Sally Wentworth but Jacueline Baird Sara Craven and in this case Carole Mortimer have all taken pretty good shots at the trope generally without the h s becoming completely hysterical and unning off to Africa as they are wont to do in a Sally W novelCM tackles the h getting evenge on the H for a very eal past transgression in this one but as always the suspension of disbelief is entirely dependent on the eader We who visit HPlandia know that sometimes eality has to be stretched and inconsistencies glossed over but ultimately the believability of the HEA often ests on how much Captain Morgan and turtle fudge cookies we have consumed over the course of eading the book Fortunately I have been able to ead this book multiple times with only the aid of a cookie or two ok maybe three and have concluded that despite the utter unreliability of the womanizing callous H and the h s evenge tactics not firming to a definite esolution to engage in vengeance until page 112 of a 187 page book overall this book does achieve a fairly satisfactory evenge action it actually is ather marvelous that CM was able to pull it off as for most of the story the h getting evenge seems about as likely as a kitten taking on a T Rex and winning This one starts with the sweet artist h who just can t say no to anybody even if she pays their salary being coerced by her agent to accept a painting commission for a famous actress who also has a very famous playboy lover The h ecognizes the lover s name and doesn t want to have anything to do with him or the actress Somehow she just can t tell her agent who works for HER not the other way around which is the first of my eaching for a cookie to soothe the frustration in this story that NO she won t be doing the commission she is going on vacation and isn t available The agent blows this off and then announces he already accepted the offer for a significant amount of money than the h s usual fee which she efuses to accept she will only charge her usual amount What this action was supposed to show us I don t know I was still fretting over JUST SAY NO to the JOB but then I guess there would be no story Turns out the h has met the playboy before Seven years earlier she went to a school friend s party at the behest of another friend she looks across a crowded oom and sees the playboy and BOOM for the h it is love at first sight The playboy H was too busy getting plastered and hating the world to notice that DESTINY has smacked him in the face and he is due for TRUE LURVE That doesn t stop him from going up to the h and hauling her out of the party tho and the h as the lovestruck fool she is goes with him and winds up getting totally and thoroughly lurved up Except it wasn t TRUE LURVEs awakening for the H at this moment No the episode concludes with the H throwing two hundred pounds at the h advising her that her school friend the one whose party it was had okay taste in hiring prostitutes but that the h needed a bit experience so as to not come across as so mechanical in bed The H strolls off to the shower after smacking her behind and telling her to get out Needless to say the fact that the h is a 19 year old school girl who was a virgin no longer doesn t even make a nudge on his brainSo emember ule number 2 in HPLandia That s ight virgins always get pregnant upon losing their pristine status in HPLandia and our intrepid h is no different She is preggers but very sadly has a fall and delivers a premature baby girl who dies after 10 days The h names her after her father puts the H s name on the birth certificate and prepares to move on Standoffish and wary around men the h puts omance and love out of her life and starts her career as a successful portraitistShe has no physical love for seven years until The actress shows up to sit for her picture and the H comes along and makes it instantly clear that he wants the h forget the fact that the actress has been his girlfriend for a year he propositions the h with the GF practically in the same oom The h wants nothing to do with him and makes that clear to both him and the GF unfortunately the old saw of hath no fury like a woman scorned starts being applied here with multiple female charactersThe GF is beyond irked the H starts stalking the h he bombards her with propositions phone calls and flowers The GF decides to get even with the h by ansacking the h s bedroom for any secrets she might have Okay another cookie was called for here why on earth the h let the GF use her bedroom to change when she knew the woman hated her and there was a perfectly good studio available I will never know oh wait the h s colossal lack of intelligence was necessary for what happens nextYes the unhappy GF finds a miniature of the h s dead child and announces to the tabloid press that the h has a seekrit baby She figures the H will not want the h if he thinks he has to be a stand in parent Which also makes no sense as the H makes it clear to all hi. ArmThe ich and arrogant oil tycoon didn't ecognize Danielle as the young woman who'd given herself to him in innocence seven years ago To him she'd been a mere diversion of value only when his wife.

Some great eviews here and I don t have much to add Heroine s evenge is great it eally was a dish served up cold and it made the hero cry I don t think I could have stomached the ending if he hadn t cried hero was awful at the beginning Because the heroine got to have her catharsis and hero s manhood is now estored I can get behind their HEA I m also glad that the OW got fired from her acting job Finally some justiceFor evenge junkies Not a lot of omance here just stalking and cold dismissals and an OTT OW to muddy the waters But there s drama lots and lots of drama One of the best evenge novels I ve ead from a heroine against the hero Maybe I enjoyed this tale of vengeance because I hated the Hero And it eally takes a lot for me to hate a H This one was in a class of his own You know the kind that deserves a nice long loving blowjob From a sharkAfter their initial doomed sexual encounter when she s 19 she meets him 7 years later He finds her irresistible But she s not the same naive fool who blindly fell for him at first sight I don t know why she did he had dipshit written all over him from the start She has since developed a spine of steel and a heart of ice and has a sharp comeback for every line he throws at her leaving him speechless and spluttering The verbal sparring between the two was iveting the angst of why she hated him and how she cruelly makes him fall for her is what gives this the 4 star ating Of course a few caveats here and there as with most vintage omances The h at 19 goes off willingly to have sex with someone she does not know at all I m all for love at first sight but eally giving up your viriginity to a stranger you ve barely spoken two sentences to Tsk tsk And dude you e 30 and she s 19 He calls her sexual performance mechanical when she tenses in pain at her first intercourse And he doesn t ecognise her when they meet up again Not even a flash of hey haven t we met somewhere before exchanged bodily fluids maybe Nothing I kept waiting for an amnesia hook to kick in but nope And worse of all he pursues her aggresively in plain sight of his current girlfriend Hmmm yep no plans to shoot the shark and hand you back your dick for surgical eattachment And finally the annoying evelation in the end when you ealise the heroine should have just swallowed her pride and spoken to him about the esult of their little liason long time ago All misunderstanding could have been cleared up and a lot of pain suffering and unnecessary angst alleviated But still an amazingly good ead Nice grovel by H Enjoyed it immensely 35 starsEverything is good until the last two chaptersGosh does she need to forgive him easily like that She doesn t sound like the character I ead for the first 8 chapters another terrible cut needed by the editorWho knowsAnyway it s a good ead the H crazy about our h and obsessed about herIf you love a total alpha male I bet you will love the way he bahave toward her until you find out how he treated her when she was only 19 and he was a married guy in the 30s But of course he had his own easons to behaved like that which our poor heroine didn t knowIn the past her story ended in a tragedy and she want a evenge which she gave a good one until the stupid last two chaptersStill a good classic HP story tho Have not had a 4 star in a loooong time Epic angst epic alpha epic ass hattedness epic love to hate epic evenge If you love to hate your heroes even your heroines then look no further At 19 Ellie meets the biggest ass hat of eternity at a party of a girl she doesn t like It s love at first sight for her so she goes home with cappello ass They have sex He doesn t dial in to the fact that she s a virgin just thinks the sex was a little awkward for a professional like her He throws a couple of hundred pound notes at her along with the advice to be a little enthusiastic sneers then goes to shower What does she do Does she knife him does she tear the pound notes in teeny tiny pieces and leave a trail from the bathroom door to the bed Nope just leavesSecretly hoping she would tear up of the pound notes into teeny tiny pieces so they would stick to the bottom of his arrogant feet Turns out she has other plans for the cashFrom this promising and horrific start we have an epic I hesitate to call it omance struggle for sexual and emotional domination While the H comes at dominance evenge and other negative emotions naturally the h ups the ante by taking one negative life lesson and honing it like fine Italian steel stiletto Guess who she wants to use it on A few years after the disastrous ONS she is an up and coming portrait painter Her agent has set her up with cappello ass actress mistress What does the h do Does she say no like anyone with a brain to seeing her humiliator Nope she accepts the gig and hopes to Hannah she can handle itOnce the H arrives with his nasty side piece and makes goo goo eyes at the h she ealizes that he doesn t ecognize her it is not over and it is on B A Y B E EThe H pursues the h deflects The H pursues arrogantly the h is cruelly caustic The H is elentless in his desire and hunt for the h and she ejects him at every turn We have a hero who doesn t know whether he s coming or going It s historic It s awesome It doesn t lastThe evil OW who is now a spurned evil OW sets the press on the two and events unfold that I can not and will not despoil with spoilers Evil OW does get fired from her acting job which is the best we can hope for but she s left in the dust in the drama that unfoldsAll I will say in conclusion is that we have a heroine with a spine of steel and a evenge plot that is uite Machiavellian She plans on planting the money on the H for a job well done The arrogant ass hat has his asshat handed to him and he simply doesn t know where to put it He goes into the HP omance hero decline mode and even criesThere s a time warp and the heroine everts back to a inferior and submissive HP heroine and loses some of her badass points along the way Very intense ead with an incredibly strong heroine out for evenge after 7 years My only egret is that the author did such a great job in creating a very shallow uthless self centered hero that I did. I wanted you Danielle the moment I saw youNicholas Andracas was not only commissioning Danielle to paint the portrait of his latest mistress he was also boldly trying to seduce her with his lethal ch.

S women that he only wants a toy on tap he has no other interest in them including the h for the majority of the book there is no uestion of the H even being around to be a stand in parent he only wants a small percentage of time in his bed when he is in the mood and only in his pad of Lurve where he takes all his ladies not his home The H eads the papers and freaks out he is furious with the h for having a seekrit child and Kudos to the h here she uite ightly and uite coldly asks what business it is of his points out that he could have a string of illegitimate babies and it would be no business of hers and then kicks him out for judging her in his hypocrisy The H had stated that he booted the actress out of his life and took away her part in the play and then informs the h that he wants to be her lover not a surrogate father to some other man s mistake This comment causes the h to throw caution to the winds it is now time for the serious evenge to start The H gets demanding with the h and tries all the power plays he has used on his past lovers who actually wanted to be with him There are a few passionate interludes but the h holds off on going to bed with the H until he finally blows up one time too many and she dumps him He shacks up with a new actress and she heads off to vacation where her agent shows up again imposing on her life and eally being sorta judgmentally jerky when it is he who owes his livelihood to her telling her that the H has dumped the latest hookup and is looking for the hThe h decides to enact her final act of evenge but gets into a car accident that injures her arm The H pretty much forces her to stay with him and after she is ecovered she makes the H angry about the circumstances of the accident and they wind up consummating their attraction The h goes out of her way to make sure that it is the best the H ever had then leaves the money he gave all those years earlier in a prominent position packs her bags and goes homeThe H shows up later thinking the money was for food and board but the h uickly corrects him and gives him some hints as to who she is His befuddlement is pretty priceless when he ealizes he was being paid a non inflationary ate for services endered It is even funnier when he ealizes the h doesn t even LIKE him he just can t get his tiny mind around someone not liking him as the h also points out that you don t have to like or espect someone to go to bed with them he has done it before and why was he complaining when someone did it to him He tells her he loves her and wants to marry her but she kicks him out and prepares to move on again Finally the H emembers her from seven years ago he explains that his business merger arranged marriage wife wanted a divorce and told him he was infertile to blackmail him into admitting to adultery during the marriage and giving her a large financial settlement or she would tell the world he was sterile He got the divorce papers just prior to meeting the h and took his age out on her altho he says later that he ealized he had probably made a mistake because the unmistakable proof of virginity was on his sheets and his prostitute hiring cousin teased him about taking off with a school friend He claims he never cheated on his wife and he also felt that it was better to not contact the h as he had nothing to offer her What a prince this man is an apology for his behavior is too much to offer I ate another cookie hereThis brings us to HPlandia ule 3 The HP H will ALWAYS believe the statement that he is infertile and will NEVER check or get a second opinion even if the aforementioned statements comes from the local dealer on the street corner The h thoughtfully chooses this moment to enlighten the H that his super speeders were up to the job of providing the missing other half of her dead child s parentage The H stumbles out of the h s life a broken pitiful specimen of HPlandia Alpha male shot down in the height of his arroganceThe h then does her much discussed instant about face tells her parents who the daddy was and that she is going to him no matter what because of what his evil ex wife did to him She finds the H in his Lurve pad alone in isolated self ecrimination and offers the portrait of her baby and her very own self to him in ecompense for his ex s lies The H confirms that he finally got around to checking with his doctor the ex and he were both fine she just wanted out and used his own ego to trap him and Good On the ex wife I say this H was no picnic and if he was even half as horrible to the ex as he was to the h she deserved every penny of that settlement and then some and Kudos to her as well for betting so smartly on the H s own arroganceThe h covers him in lashings of her undying love and HEA is achieved with a little bonus HEA six months later when they decide to become baby making machines with a line up of at least half a dozen and possibly enough for their own Rugby team Never mind that over the last seven years there could possibly be a whole string to help that Rugby team making attempt the h herself said any prior mistakes would be no business of hers I was just waiting for the paternity suits to arrive via special messengerThus ends another jaunt on the edge of believability with a minimum amount of cookies and no Captain M On the whole I bought it even understanding the h s abrupt switch from hate to undying love I knew it was coming and no cookies were needed this IS HPlandia after all I loved h I hated H I loved book The book was incredibly fast paced Thanks boogenhagen for the ecommendation One of the best HPs I have ever ead 45 stars because h so easily forgived him Absolutely adored the bookliked the plot n most of all eally liked the fact the heroin completed the evenge and makes hero pay for his mistakesRecommend it I m going with 4 stars for the crazy of it all There was this totally clueless hero who couldn t understand that maybe some woman just didn t want him There was a nice heroine who kept saying no until she finally just said F it and decided since he wouldn t leave her alone she d just get some long overdue evenge on the hero and then there was the hero crying at the end That s different. Had initiated divorce proceedingsDanielle longed to pay him back with interest for the pain he'd caused her But she tried instead to keep him at arm's length to avoid battling herself as well as him.

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by ueen Elizabeth II for my 'outstanding service to literature' I am very happily married to Peter with six sons and live on the

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