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A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson is the first in the Cold Justice seriesit s the first I ve read from this author but I m definitely looking forward to reading the next in this seriesIt s fast thrilling and funit s also a typical romantic suspense thriller with the FBI an Assassin a cat and mouse chase with a murderer oh and a steamy love affair with the assassin and the FBI agent did I mention a HEA too But also the story line is very acy and keeps you flipping Japanese Etiquette pages it s a uick read because you need to know and can tut it downIt s definitely worth reading June 2018 Rereading for group buddy read Happy to say this story is just as good the 2nd time around Suspense flawed characters a few shockers and sizzling chemistry A Must Read2016 Once in awhile I find a book that The Cowboy and His Baby pushes all the right buttons Edge of my seat Suspense Sizzlin Romance Damaged yet strong characters Plot with twists turns Surprise or two near the end It all adds up to one fantastic read I loved A Cold Dark Place as it was theerfect blend of everything I love most about RomanceSuspense A Must Read Mallory Rooney has worked her whole life to become an FBI agent and solve the case of the abduction of her identical twin from their bedroom when they were 9 years old With the execution style death of a serial killer Mallory begins to suspect a vigilante is working with information from inside the Bureau She has worked for years to bring her sister s abductor and killer to justice and believes in the justice system so she wants this vigilante stopped and jailed alsoAlex Parker former soldier former CIA now assassin for The Gateway Project has an agreement to ignore his conscience for three years and eliminate Secure Location proven serial killers before they can destroy victims and families in exchange for getting him out of a Moroccanrison Even with the deal Alex still makes his own decision if he will or will not eliminate the subjectAs the FBI tries to catch a serial killer who is abducting and killing young women in the same area that 18 years The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, previously Mallory s sister was taken Alex meets Mallory and is drawn to her from the first moment they meet At first he is there to make sure she doesn t identify him as the vigilante but he soon wants only torotect her as they realize the killer wants her So many secrets not just from Alex but from everyone around Mallory The ending was very satisfying The suspense is nonstop and the romance is hot I loved this book and can t wait to start the next book in this series A freebie Got it almost 3 years ago Not bad not bad at all Liked both characters although the heroine did have a stupid moment towards the end Part of her wanted to hang on tight and see where it led The other art wanted time and space to try and figure out exactly what was happening But if she d learned anything over the years it was time and space didn t always rovide answers Tell me you aren t as Reign of Ash (The Chosen perfect as you seem Alex Not even close toerfect His blue gray eyes darkened Not a complete asshole either Currently free on Dec 1 2o15 Read on March 7 2015The heroine Mallory is a rookie cop who joined the FBI to search for the Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen person responsible for abducting her twin sister when they were eight years old The. She’s an FBI agent hunting her sister’s killer He’s an assassin who’ll die to keep her safe His secret will destroy them both With over eighteen hundred 5 star reviews on Goodreads this Romantic Thriller leaves readers wanting Former CIA assassin Alex Parker works for a clandestine government organization hell bent on taking out serial killers andedophiles before they enter the justice system Alex doesn't enjoy killing but he's damn good at itFBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney has spent years hunting the lowlife who abducted her identical twi.

Hero Alex Parker is an ex soldier recruited by a shadowy government organization to act as a vigilante to remove serial killers and Fline en Lingerie pedophiles Mallory and Alex sart crossed when she look into the Surface possibility of vigilante activities that caused the death of a serial killer Alex decided to keep tab on Mallory himself to avoid his upper management to dispose her Mallory had been spending all her life searching for closure that she never stop to enjoy her life Alex is the first man that distract her focus and make her want to be free of her own demon for once Alex is one of those soldier that had been screwed over by the government one too many times Hisast with the army is not something nice to be reminiscence Now his service as a vigilante assassin is his only way to achieve the freedom he crave He had been counting down the days till he is no longer under the government clutch Mallory might just happened to be the reason that will change his end game A serial killer that might have a link to Mallory s twin sister is at large and for once she is finally getting some head way into solving this cold case But I actually find myself intrigue with the ongoing secrecy between Alex and Mallory How will she react when she found out Alex s true identity and how can he dig himself out of the imminent downfall Although the suspense with the serial killer is not really that nail biting this is still a Orange 5 (オレンジ, page turner I think Alex make the story for me I sympathize with his character and his tortured soul His dedication in helping Mallory behind the scene without expecting a HEA with her is so selfless and is what make him such a great man An epilogue towards the end will be highly appreciate though A Cold Dark Place by Toni AndersonGenres Adult Crime Romance Suspense45 StarsGot my attention and held it throughout the book Well written The characters are well developed and interesting More of a crime suspense novel than a romance A lot of action and keeps you guessing to the end who the serial killer is but gives you clues as the story unfolds A satisfying and all around good read The suspense was spot on The romance was well done but the actual sex scenes seemed just a bit rushed to me You are never sure how Mallory is going to react to the truth of who Alex is till the end I will be adding book 2 Cold Pursuit to my TBRile Originally osted at The Book Nympho I love it when the action in a suspense novel starts on the first age This book begins that way and never seems to let upuick summaryFBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney joined the bureau because she ultimately wanted to find out what happened to her twin sister who was abducted 18 years ago While tracking a serial killer she stumbles upon information suggesting that a vigilante is operating outside of law enforcement Former CIA operative Alex Parker is now working for a covert organization whose mission is to take down the most vile criminals before they enter the justice system As Mallory starts to get closer to discovery Alex is assigned to watch her and ends up getting closer than he d lanned The suspenseWomen are being abducted and their bodies later discovered often with significant time spans between the time they went missing and. N sister eighteen years ago Now during an on going serial killer investigation Mallory begins to suspect there's a vigilante operating outside the lawWhen Mallory starts asking uestions Alex is ordered to watch her As soon as they meet the two begin to fall in love But the lies and betrayals that define Alex's life threaten to destroy them both especially when the man who stole her sister all those years ago makes Mallory his next targetStart reading this award winning Romantic Suspense series today Winner of the New England Readers' Choice Award and.

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When they were murdered What makes this even spine tingling is sometimes we get the oints of view from the victims and the killer Anderson doesn t give you a clue as to who s going to make it which keeps the tension level awfully high When the killer begins focusing on Mallory things get even dicey The romanceAlex and Mallory have great chemistry but always in the background is his duplicity She doesn t know about his history and he has so many secrets it takes most of the book to uncover them Alex s blurred lines makes him interesting and even he gets conflicted as his relationship with Mallory deepens It s a tricky romance that keeps you wondering how all of this will or can be resolved The bottom lineThe balance is tipped towards suspense in this story but believe me the romance doesn t suffer and isn t forsaken Alex is a compelling gray hero straddling those ethical lines I couldn t find a good stopping Spring Snow point so I gave up trying to sleep and got up in the middle of the night and finished the book I also couldn t definitively nail down the identity of the killer until close to the book reveal That doesn t happen to me very often and the clues were there Loved this book and I ve already bought the next book A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson is the first book in her Cold Justice seriesFormer CIA assassin Alex Parker works for a covert government organization disposing of serial killers andedophiles before they enter the justice system FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney has spent many years hunting down the madman who abducted her identical twin sister eighteen years earlier Involved in a serial killer investigation Mallory suspects there is a vigilante at work and feels she must now take him down tooToni Anderson magically blends sizzling chemistry between Alex and Mallory with lots of suspenseful action in A Cold Dark PlaceI look forward to the rest of the series The first book in Toni Anderson s Cold Justice series At the age of nine Mallory Rooney s twin Payton was kidnapped Now 18 years later she is with the FBI and determined to find the kidnapper and discover what happened to her Alex Parker is an assassin who kills for The Gateway Project They meet through Mallory s friend Lucas and Alex asks her out but Mallory doesn t date Then Mallory is transferred to uantico she runs into Alex again Meanwhile there is a serial killer out there to catch and Mallory is on the investigative team I really liked this one a lot I have read a few of Toni Anderson s books and all have been winners for me She writes in a style that appeals to me Fast The Greatest Victory paced but not too fast Not too much filler but enough background development that I understand what is going on A great balance of suspense and romance without either getting too much or not enough attention I highly recommend this one She was a federal agent who lived to uphold the law He was a killer who d die to keep her safe Could be read as standalone This book is everything that suspense romance should be great flow of the writingerfectly Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, paired main couple who are so unperfect which makes them so much real grippinglot which just at the moments you think you figure it out surprises you with an unexpected twistIf you love Fates Monolith (MacLomain, political. The Aspen Gold Available in digitalrint and audiobook format From New York Times bestselling author Toni AndersonThis edition features a brand new cover What readers are sayingSpine tingling suspense and dangerously seductive romance Ripe For ReaderThe suspense is high and the romance is hot Harleuin JunkieThe suspense is nonstop and the romance is hot Avonna Loves GenresI couldn't find a good stopping oint so I gave up trying to sleep and got up in the middle of the night and finished the book The Book NymphoI loved this book The Voracious Reade.

Coming June 8 2020 All books standaloneMy latest book Cold Wicked Lies comes out in June 2020 It's about an FBI negotiator and a hard headed HRT operator ✔️ Remote location✔️ Murder mystery✔️ Enemies to lovers✔️ Forced proximity Toni Anderson writes award winning bestselling FBI Romantic Thrillers Start reading the Cold Justice Series for FREE by picking up an ebook​ copy of A COLD D