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CHARACTERS Bitter Memories

Bitter Memories ô BOOK author Margaret Mayo – freewebdesing.com

Re OK those are not uotes but the whole thing is wheels spinning in tropical mud Wait those were my yes rolling It was impossible to like The Management Bible either of them And just when you think they have finally gotten their 4 brain cells to work in coordination you getStay with meI hate you Oh you re injured I love you You re just saying that We might as well give upGAHHHHHHPlus there are annoying and spiteful secondary characters Boo these two were a train wreckand she was anxtremely snarly heroine you d think after 9 years and both of them having lost their spouses both diedthe two of them would have been able to have a decent conversationnot worth the read to be honest This story was a second chance at love between two people who meet and separated years before Tanya and Alejandro parted during an argument He seemed to disappear She learned that he had gone back home to marry the woman he told her he wasn t in love with and proceeds to have a child with So she marries someone Zu schnell else Now she is a widower and went to the island of his where her sisters now works Will the past bring them together or separate them forever Margaret Mayo is not a Harleuinither I am familiar with But will check out of her works late. Raction between them flared again but Tanya had to try her hardest to deny it After all Alejandro had left her to marry another woman hadn't he.

It was cute but wasn t overly receptive to me I do like these type books but parts of this one are so ridiculous I found I was bored The hero and heroine go in circles all throughout the novel with their lies and stories It felt redundant ReviewAlthough I loved this book I felt the woman wasn t very likeable at all I felt so sorry for Alejandro He did nothing wrong She on the other hand was all me me me Totally selfidh Whatever he did wasn t good Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enough for her By thend of the book I almost wished here turn his back on her that s how much I disliked her This is the first book I ve ver disliked the heroine so much 15 Couldn t wait to get to the nd of this book I had to persevere a bit to find out what happened to separate them It was pretty sad in the nd 9 years wasted and it was a bit wishy washy in the nd One to avoid not one of Mayo s finest work This storyline had so much potential yet it fizzed out The heroine had so much angst against the hero Her thought of betrayal cost them 9 years of separated all because she mistrusted him I liked the concept of the Canary Islands romance the sunshine and culture The duo had some serious jealousy issues but the constant ill opinion by the heroine So we meet again… When their passionate affair came to an abrupt Invisible (The Curse of Avalon end Tanya hadn'txpected—or wanted—to see Alejandro Vazuez Herrera again

Ister and Inocente vying for the hero s attention plagued the heroine s insecurities It took an accident of the heroine to make her own up and the hero s insecurities to almost lose them but they found their trust and found their hea Wanted an pilogue too Unfortunately it didn t have any The protagonists reunite after a 9 year separation which was caused by miscommunication and stupidity She s 27 and he s about 32 They both act like 13 year olds particularly stupid 13 year olds I feel nothing for you It was just sex Go away Are you sure Why did you leave me like thatWhah You left me I hate youSee there is still feeling between usYou only want me for my body you cheating bastardMi carina I don t have any other womenI won t be one of your stable of womenWell I can break it off with that woman whose insanity I have never noticed if you want You cheating bastard Stop bugging me I m trying to waste my holiday by staying indoors all the timeBut the island is so beautiful you really should stay in my apartment so you can see the carnavalI never cared about you I was not at all devastated when we split upMi amor you are so cruel to me Let s go have dinnerI won t sleep with you I hate you Dinner you say Su. Lthough the memories of their time together still haunted her So when she bumped into him on her trip to see her sister she was shocked The att.

Margaret MayoJessica R Mayo was born on February 7 1936 in Staffordshire England and has remained within the county all of her life It was never her ambition to become a writer although she always loved reading even to the extent of reading comics out loud to her twin brother when she was eight years old In fact her only writing experience was in letters to various pen pals around the world She unfortunately lost touch with them now and often wonders whether any of them have ever discovered that her chatty letters were the forerunner to her writing careerShe left school to become a secretary taking a break to have her two children Adrian and Tina Once they were at school she started back to work and planned to further her career by becoming a bi lingual secretary Unfortunately she couldn't speak any languages other than her native English so she began evening classes It was at this time that she got the idea for a romantic short story to this day she doesn't know where the idea came from or why but she thanks her lucky stars because it kick started her career Margaret and her mother before her had always read Mills Boon romances and to actually be writing one excited her beyond measure'My life began at forty' is another one of her favourite sayings because that is when her first book was published two and a half years after she first set pen to paper that first book was written long before she felt confident enough to send it offHaving those books accepted was the happiest and most exciting day of her life She waltzed her husband around the room and their two children thought they'd gone mad until they were told the good newsHer first two submitted novels were accepted simultaneously and now she has over sixty five to her credit When she looks at them lined up on her bookshelf she wonders how she has managed to write all those millions of words She is a hopeless romantic who loves writing She falls in love with every one of her heroes and likes to boast about how many 'love affairs' she's hadMargaret gets so immersed in her writing that one day before she made writing her full time career and did most of her writing at the office her daughter phoned to ask whether she could come and meet her out of work Margaret told her not to be silly because it was foggy Her daughter said 'But it's sunny here' And when Margaret looked out of the window the sun was shining Her hero and heroine were lost out in a sea of fogBefore she became a successful author Margaret was extremely shy and found it difficult to talk to strangers For research purposes she forced herself to speak to people from all walks of life and now says her shyness has gone forever to a certain degree She is still happier pouring her thoughts out on paperCopied from